15 January 2021


Observations on Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Commotions



Dear Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa,


Recent uproar and commotion by you about Nandesena Gotabaya Rajapaksa etc reveal the inner mind and how it manipulates thoughts with lack of intelligence. There are two characters to every irrational person. People are able to assess your inner mind and presume that as the President, are you allowed to use your “daemon” mind monstrosity in governing the beautiful island SriLanka?

Power & Authority” can instigate foolish & unreasonable people in power to talk out of turn. Your comments in the media have made people to construe that you are similar in character to “Karuna”, “Pillaiyan”, Idi Amin, and Donald Trump. You cannot be compared to the smart Mahinda Rajapaksa. When the next election results are out in 2024, the world will know that you are a duplicate of Trump. You always envision that you are the “Dutugamunu” of the 21st century.

Recently you made a statement that you finished Vellupillai Prabakaran (VP) by dragging him like a dog from Nandikkadal and finished him. This confirms that you were responsible for the killing of VP and the several hundreds of thousands of people in Nandikkadal. You exhibit your anger, animosity, and odium against the Tamils in this statement. You call yourself a Buddhist and preach Buddhism with your hatred inner mind.


Quote Ref. (i) https://www.facebook.com/tubetamilfm/videos/779932825943632



However, Karuna after seeing the dead body in Mullivaykal, commented that the Moda SInhalaya has made a mistake again by killing the wrong person.


GR: In no way you are equal to Vellupillai Prabakaran as VP is a hero who led the people to war to deliverance. However, VP’s army fought with 30 quisling, conspirator Tamil groups + SL Army + SL Navy + SL air force, totalling 33 enemy forces. The total may be more because of the Sinhala Modayas to add.

As an example, in the 80s a bicycle tube exploded in the streets of Jaffna. The army fools on the street open fire with their Rifle 303 arbitrarily assuming that LTTE was at site. This is the type of force you commanded. Whatever it is, the credit should go to Sarath Fonseka for defeating the LTTE and not the Rajapaksa family.

I am also disappointed with the way you ordered the arrest of Sarath Fonseka (SF) and the soldier assaulting SF after arresting. What type of human are you Nandesena? SF is a hero of SL.

Could you cowards have won the LTTE if the 30 Quisling + LTTE would have fought you. Never.

Your friend was Karuna and you kissed him to get him onto your side. Cheap cunning politics. Karuna is a perpetrator. Pillaiyan is a ROWDY and a CRIMINAL. The GOSL consists of rowdies and perpetrators. Bearing in mind that the SL army has been trained to defend the country but was trained to kill Tamils and the JVP.

Your personal assets revelation indicates that you have built a house in Kataragama. What is going on in this palace? These are questions only: (i) Is someone conducting BBS subversive religious terrorist activities OR (ii) a group conducting other military subversive criminal activities to takeover SL?

LTTE leader had the guts and talent and the intelligence to manage the manufacture of heavy weapons at Mullivaykal. Here are three example photos. Do you think, under your command your laughing military could manufacture heavy weapons similar to these what Prabakaran managed to manufacture.




Nobody will compare a prankster like you with the great VP. You can only kill Tamils with Buddhist monks and military.

Request from the Sinhala People in SriLanka:

The Bandaranaike’s and the Rajapaksas have demolished and destroyed the economy of SL and driven the country to bankruptcy.

The hard-earned money of the estate workers and the citizens have been swallowed by the Bandaranaike’s and Rajapaksas into their coffer. GOSL cannot even pay them Rs 1,000 salary. The Hambantota port and the airport are white elephants. The Rajapaksa family do not wish investments, however, loans so that they can get kickbacks on their own managed contracts.

In an interview with a British Journalist GR, you, stated that the Rajapaksas were voted in by the people of SL. The world knows the collateral that exist in democratic elections in SL.

“Pay one money, to get one vote”.

How can one family rule a country like SriLanka? It is ridiculous!!

Can the Rajapaksa declare their own assets please?

That’s why culprits scud into politics so that they can swindle money.

No other foreign country Bank will accept a “Letter of Credit” from any bank in SL.

Let the Muslims and Tamils save the country economy to protect citizens from starvation.


GR: Believe the writer, Tamil Eelam will be born and delivered to the Tamil people around the world to skyrocket back and settle.



14th January 2021

Engr. Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

DipEE (UK), GradCert Rel-Eng-Monash, Dip Bus& Adm (Finance-Massey), CEng. MIEE