11 October 2018

Tamil Lilliputians posing as Gullivers of Sri Lankan history
H. L. D. Mahindapala

Of all the migrants that stepped into Sri Lanka to make it their home only the Sinhala-Buddhists created, consolidated and sustained, the mainstream culture that shaped and dominated its history.  No other minority has succeeded in displacing them from the commanding position and power they held in the mainstream down the ages. As a pioneering force the Sinhalese opened up the virgin land for human habitation. The “Sihalas”, as named in the Mahavamsa, were conscious of their mission in their new home. They knew that they were defining their identity, their future and their destination. They knew the tasks they had to fulfil as permanent settlers committed to create a new culture, new language and new civilisation. The legacy they left behind speaks silently and eloquently of their commitment and dedication to the land they transformed from a wilderness to a unique civilisation.
The gigantic monuments rising to reach the skies indicate the intensity of their commitment to the land. The deep roots they put down testify to the fact that they were not transient travellers or traders passing through to another destination, another homeland. There was no ambiguity in their minds, keeping one foot in Lanka and the other in India from where they came. They were not invaders. They were not marauders. They were not exploiters. They were not conquerors or colonialists. They were the creative force that made “our island a fit dwelling-place for men” – a political ideal laid down in the Mahavamsa (1:44). In its extended meaning, it is a phrase that summarises the entire range of the provisions in the UN Charter. After all, isn’t the UN Charter designed to make “our world a fit dwelling-place for men”? This humane and civilising mission of making “our island a fit dwelling-place for men” was stated as a sacred mission in the Mahavamsa. Besides, the ultimate aim  of all religions, millenarism, Marxism, Platonism, -- you name it – has been to make the  world a fit dwelling-place for men”. Historian Mahanama had spelt it  out as a Buddhist political principle, with absolute clarity and certainty, in the 5th century.

Within this overarching historical architecture built by the pioneering Sinhala-Buddhists the minorities played their secondary and tertiary roles, in particular the Tamils. Despite their repeated boasts about their grandiose role in Sri Lankan history, sometimes claiming pompously that they were the First-comers -- “even before the birth of Buddha,” said C. V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister, Jaffna – their history has tagged along at a lower level than that of the Sinhalese. For instance, the history of the Tamils reveals that they did not even possess a deep, or cohesive sense of history rooted in Jaffna soil. They were in two minds, not knowing whether their homeland was in Jaffna or across the Palk Strait. The latter-day claims of “Tamil nationalism” surfaced only in the post-Chelvanayakam  period. Their hearts and minds were in S. India while their hollow physical frame walked in Jaffna, unwilling to sever the umbilical cord that tied them to their one and only homeland. Worst of all, they were not even aware that there was no written record that could comprehensively authenticate their real or imagined roles in Sri Lankan history. 
They feel more aggrieved when they realise that their own Tamil historians have failed to provide them with a comprehensive history to either look back with pride or look forward with hope. Complaining that the Tamils did not “actively pursue a systematic study of their past”, Tamil historian, Dr. Murugar Gunasingam, wrote : “The most important single shortcoming at this time (2008) is that no historian, archaeologist, or even a social  scientist, whether Sinhalese, Tamil, or western scholar has written a complete and comprehensive account of the history of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.” (p. 14 –Tamils in Sri Lanka, Comprehensive History (C. 300 B.C. – C. 2000 A. D), MV Publications, South Asian Studies Centre, 2008). Then listing the various books written on Jaffna by Tamil scholars he adds: “As the above discussion has revealed, no overall or comprehensive history of the Tamils in Sri Lanka has yet been written. Scholars seem to have limited their research to their specialised areas of expertise.” (p.17 – Ibid). 

Dr. Gunasingam is credible not only because he is a Tamil historian but also because he makes his confession after combing the archives and libraries in Holland, Portugal, America, UK, India, and Sri Lanka. This confession should send shock waves among the Tamils who never fail to boast about their “great history”, “great learning”, and their overall claims of being superior to all other communities. After crowing about a great past, particularly as the First-comers who arrived before the birth of Buddha, how was it that they failed to produce a scholarly and comprehensive history book until 2008 when Dr. Gunasingam produced his book, Tamils in Sri  Lanka, emphasising in the subtitle that it is “A Comprehensive History (C. 300 B.C. – C. 2000 A. D.)”.  Dr. Gunasingam trots out several excuses for the failure of the Tamils to produce a comprehensive history. Predictably he blames the active Sinhala scholars researching and writing comprehensive histories with the backing of the Government. He even accuses the Government of hampering Tamil researchers. But the same governments had established two Tamil universities.
The Jaffna University was established in 1974. Apart from teaching universities are expected to do research. Why couldn’t Jaffna University write a history during the 44 years of its existence? They could have completed a Tamil history even if they wrote half a page every day. As usual Dr. Gunasingam blames the Sinhalese for the failure of the Tamils to produce their history. Not having an impressive history of their own they are not shy to claim in their writings what the Sinhalese has done as their history.

This also reflects the Tamil tendency to sweep under the carpet the oppressive internal dynamics within Jaffna that had stunted their growth. Jaffna Tamil politics has survived and thrived exclusively on blaming the Sinhalese. They never had any viable or credible agenda other than pointing the finger at the Sinhalese. Even when the Tamils fail to write their own history they blame the Sinhalese. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that the Jaffna University chased out the first professor of history, Prof. K. Indrapala, for writing a history that was not palatable to the Tamils. Jaffna either killed or cleansed academics / intellectuals who did not toe the line of the ruling elite. One Vice-Chancellor was forced to quit his job because he was a low-caste. Mrs. Rajini Thiranagama of the Medical Faculty was shot when she was cycling home because she was critical of the LTTE. Another academic with all the requisite qualifications for an academic post in Jaffna University was rejected because he was a Christian. Respected academics like Prof. Rajan Hoole had to hide in the South because the Tamil killers of Thiranagam were also after him. Prof. Indrapala was hailed and reclaimed by the Tamils only after he recanted and re-wrote a new version of Tamil history aimed at  polishing the image of the Tamils. Tragically, Jaffna which produced the biggest killers of Tamils, from Sankili to Prabhakaran, could not produce a single historian who could write, on his own steam, a comprehensive history of their past. Isn’t it time that the Jaffna Tamils, who claim to have been here from the dawn of time,  sat down to consider what  is wrong with their own culture that failed to produce a comprehensive history for so long?                                                                                                                                                                 
However, it should be noted that there are many papers and monographs written on various aspects of Jaffna society, politics, religion, caste etc. But they do not add up to a comprehensive or panoramic survey of the history of Jaffna. Yalpana Vaipava Malai, for instance, remains as the questionable and mythical history of Jaffna written on the back of a stamp. In the minds of the Tamils, it is, more or less, the equivalent of Mahavamsa. But poet Mylvaganam did not write it on his own volition like Venerable Bede, who wrote the Ecclesiastical History of England or Bhikku Mahanama of Sri Lanka, both of whom were inspired by the values and the greatness of their civilisations. Mylvaganam wrote it because he was commissioned by the Dutch Governor Jan Maccara (1736) to produce an account of Jaffna for him to understand the lie of the land.

So writing the history of the Tamils in Jaffna has a rather curious history. As stated by Dr. Gunasingam, foreigners and Sri Lankans were falling over each other to write the history of the Sinhalese and the Buddhists, but not that of the Tamils. Why? If nobody had bothered to write about it could it be because it was not that great? Or because the Tamils did not have a sense of history because they were more committed to their homeland in S. India than their temporary residence in Jaffna? In any case, what is the worth of a people without a history? Why is it that the ground realities of Tamil history do not corroborate the assumed arrogance of Tamil greatness? Could it be that they were dragged all the way to Nandikadal because they were imbued with a politicised history that was miles away from the known  facts.? Have not the Tamils lost the plot and gone  down the wrong path – all  the way to Nandikadal – because their leaders were misled by their own boastful propaganda which they thought (mistakenly, no doubt) was their history? Or, as stated by Prof. Kumar David, were the Tamil leaders “congenital idiots” who, with their peninsular minds, thought that they could force their version of history down the throats of the nation which had produced a great and unique civilisation, way beyond that of the ant hills of the Tamils? Are the Tamils lying in the present state of despondency because they do not know how to climb out of the fake history into which they have fallen?
Faced with the monumental achievements of the Sinhalese, Tamil historians take refuge under the excuse of limited resources. Historians S. Arasaratnam and Dr. Gunasingam both fork out this excuse to cover up the failure of Tamils to rise beyond the level of mediocre copy cats of the grand and great Dravidian civilisations of S. India. In hiding behind this lame excuse they ignore the magnificent architectural marvels of ancient Egypt built in the middle of a dry desert.

In the absence of a credible excuse the most common line of defence of the Tamils has been to attack the Sinhala-Buddhist history. Belittling Sinhala-Buddhist history has been their way of feeling superior to the Sinhala-Buddhists. They defend their greatness by claiming everything great in the Sinhala-Buddhist culture. They claim that the Sinhala-Buddhist civilisation was either initiated by the Tamils or nurtured by the Tamils. They claim that they were the founding fathers of Sri Lankan history by coming first, before even Buddha was born. They claim that they laid the foundations of the Sinhala-Buddhist culture and civilisation with their Dravidian contributions. They claim that even the Sinhala language was born out of Tamil words.

I am prepared to concede all that proudly, if that is their proud defence, because the Sinhalese possessed the creative genius, like all other great cultures and civilisation, to borrow from other cultures and civilisations, and produce a unique culture and civilisation of their own. Cultures that failed to borrow stagnated in their own billabongs like the aboriginal cultures, or, in some ways, like that of Jaffna which stagnated in the shadow of the overwhelming S. Indian culture. Jaffna failed to rise to a higher level because they were smugly resting on the laurels of the culture of S. India.
Whenever they claimed the greatness of the Tamils they meant the greatness of the culture made in the history of S. India and not in Jaffna. For instance, when the Tamils talk of the Tamil revivalism under Arumuka Navalar and C. V. Thamotherampillai it meant, in short, the unearthing the buried and neglected sacred texts of S. India and publishing those texts in Jaffna for a readership that knew nothing about it. They did not produce any Tamil classics of their own which could add to the glory of the Jaffnaites. Jaffna was born and always remained as a pale imitation of the S. Indian culture. It never produced a genius that shone like a beacon across the Tamil landscape. Jaffna always basked in the reflected glory of S. Indian culture without contributing any original or significant creations – the hallmarks of a great civilisation. Jaffna was always sandwiched between two great cultures: the Dravidian culture of S. India in the North and the Sinhala-Buddhist culture in the south. Jaffnaites were Lilliputians who pretended to be Gullivers without any stature to back up their boastful claims.  
 J. P. Lewis, one of the keen analysts and prolific writers in the British colonial administration (he was the Government Agent of the Northern Province and left Ceylon in 1910 ) summed up the roles of the two communities in a very sharp observation. He was commenting on the work done in a dance hall in Galle. The work was done by the Sinhalese and Tamils. Having seen  the roles of both communities he wrote :  “It is curious how the unfortunate Sinhalese to whom the credit of decorations were due are always overshadowed by the more widely known Tamils who are their fellow islanders” – p.51, Ceylon in Early British Times, J.P. Lewis, CMG, Government Agent of Northern Province.

Lewis’ observation is applicable on a large scale to the history of the nation. Starting from the late 20th century the Tamil ideologues have laboured routinely and consistently to grab the headlines with their exaggerated claims of greatness. C. V. Wigneswaran, former judge of the Supreme Court and now Chief Minister of the Northern Province and Dr. Gunasingam are two peas in this jingoistic pod rooted in Jaffna. In their attempt to downgrade the monumental achievements of the Sinhalese both project Tamils as the great makers of Sri Lankan history. Though Dr. Gunasingam has done some useful research and put together his Tamils-are-great claim in his book written to elevate and rescue the image of the Tamils, it only confirms, in the last analysis, the essence of Lewis’ cutting remark: the Sinhalese do the hard work and the Tamils come out screaming that it was all done by them. 

09 October 2018

Reparations: Yes to compensation for non-LTTE Tamils – No to compensation for LTTE terrorists
LTTE remains a banned terrorist organization not only in Sri Lanka but in 32 countries including India, US, UK, Canada, EU, Malaysia. The UNSC Resolution 1373 incorporated by the GOSL in April 2014 has listed 15 foreign-based organizations as LTTE fronts warranting the countries from where these fronts are functioning to investigate & hold them to account for material support for a terror movement under their laws as LTTE is banned in their countries. Over & above this the UNHRC has passed 3 resolutions crux of which aims to hold to account only the Sri Lanka National Army. This is retributive justice to a National Army defending the country & its citizens while offering restorative justice to LTTE terrorists that were responsible for 3 decades of gruesome pre-meditated murder. Only Tamils who had no links to LTTE should receive any compensation. LTTE terrorists should not be given any compensation.
We suffered 30 years of terror no doubt, but we never got breathing space to adjust ourselves to life after LTTE without the interference of the very entities that did nothing to stop terror in Sri Lanka. UN, Western nations cannot shirk their guilt with regard to this.

The LTTE victims were Sinhalese, Muslims, Foreigners & even Tamils
While the LTTE killer cadres comprised only Tamils (even those from Tamil Nadu) those that provided covert/over support included not only Tamils but Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers, foreign governments, foreign envoys, NGOs & their local stooges, UN officials & associate bodies, the Church & their representatives too. If we go to investigate every person or persons that benefitted by LTTE we are unlikely to go anywhere, however there are some who have been very vocal about their support & their links need to be investigated. TNA and members of the TNA belong to this category & when Sri Lanka has a 6th amendment applicable to them it is a surprise that no government wishes to incorporate this against them.

It is accepted that with the blur of distinction as LTTE not only had a civilian armed force but also fought in civilian clothing, mistakenly the Armed Forces may have killed some Tamils. This is a grievance shared by Sinhalese whose sons & daughters were also mistakenly killed by the Armed Forces during the JVP heyday.

However, no civilian involved in hostilities (voluntarily or by force) in civilian clothing is not privy to enjoy the privileges offered to a civilian.

So in terms of reparations, compensation must ONLY go to a civilian who was not involved in any LTTE terror act at the time of death. How sure can the office of missing persons be of this?

The office of missing persons has no right to force the tax payer to pocket money to be given to men or women who belonged to a banned terrorist movement.  

The Opposition & civic society must make this very clear and the Government should also understand the basis for this argument. If anyone wants to compensate terrorists out of their own personal funds, we have no issue but no terrorist group that remains banned has any right to be paid by state funds without them first being tried for their criminal acts & premeditated murders of innocent civilians.

In giving compensation to terrorists, a government is doing injustice to the real civilians that the LTTE killed.

So far even the UN has failed to death totals for Tamil
·        Civilians who were not involved in any LTTE acts of terror
·        Civilians who were part of the LTTE armed force
·        Civilians who were involved in hostilities (either by force or voluntarily)

Without this crucial data, how can all these deaths be placed as civilian & compensation offered to the ‘civilians’ who were involved in terrorist acts?

Therefore, how many & who are the genuine cases of civilians? How many of these LTTE cadres have run to foreign shores & taking up false identities yet claiming to be missing & seeking state funds for their families? This is totally unfair on the Sri Lankan tax payer.
All those who are demanding reparations for the LTTE do not pay taxes and so they do not feel the weight on the taxpayers who are already having to shoulder many blunders & errors committed by politicians. Therefore, officials must think twice about this absurd venture they are walking into.

No Tamil who has been involved in LTTE has any right to state compensation.

The government is welcome to offer a general amnesty so long as the LTTE & LTTE fronts & LTTE linked Tamil political parties give written assurance that they have dropped the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 for a separate independent state & UNHRC removes their witch hunt against the armed forces demanding that only th National Army be brought before tribunals.

The government must demand that the UNHRC does not welcome any of the demands made by LTTE fronts who remain de-listed including the ones that have been removed only on the personal whims of the former foreign minister.

When there are 5000 Missing soldiers and when soldiers & intelligence officers are getting arrested & placed in prison without bail or without pressing charges against them thus resulting in the halt to even their salaries it is a damn shame & joke that terrorists are getting paid by the state. Let sanity prevail & not allow stupid decisions.

No country in the world compensates terrorists!

A country must compensate VICTIMS OF TERROR not the PERPETRATORS OF TERROR

Shenali D Waduge

03 October 2018

Sri Lanka’s Conflict: Response to proponents of the ‘Both sides must take blame’ theory

A few days back I wrote an article titled Shouldn’t the UN & World give priority to the Victims of LTTE killings first” to which the following comment has been circulated to me & a host of others. In case there are others peddling the notion that both sides must take equal blame, I would like to pose some questions for which I hope the proponents of this theory can answer validating their logic for putting a national army & a terrorist organization on par & treating them both equally and present the rationale in not highlighting all of the crimes the LTTE has committed which are in far excess than that which are being attributed to the army, on the premise that it is ‘blind loyalty’.

& this is the comment received.
Who is this ‘knowledgeable’ audience? Can we ignore LTTE carnage since 1980s upon innocent villages initially & then entering towns & cities to carry out bombs & suicide missions. Shouldn’t our empathy go to these dead victims & their families? Are we not lucky not to be in their place? Then what about the living injured how many of these are still suffering? Many of them cannot even earn their own living because of LTTE. This past cannot be swept aside by anybody. Only the victim’s families & the living victims know what they suffered from LTTE.

How can we ask them to forget over 300 murderous attacks by LTTE – virtually every day, every month, every year for 3 decades? When LTTE were involved in these murderous acts, were the soldiers doing the same to us, the citizens? Therefore, can we put this part of the past aside because it does not belong to the ‘both sides to blame theory”? Who are we to tell the victims, to let bygones be bygones simple because we want to strike a deal of compromise.

As for the fair outcome for the people involved” after May 2009, the lives of innocent civilians are now saved from LTTE bombs & suicide missions, poor & low caste Tamil children are saved from being kidnapped & turned into child soldiers & the soldiers too are not at risk of getting blown to pieces from landmines & other LTTE bombs. It is only those who benefitted by LTTE Inc who are angry & upset & wish to seek revenge.

Is this ‘knowledgeable’ audience also aware & able to link the LTTE demands being connected to the original self-determination started in Tamil Nadu, borrowed by Sri Lankan Tamil leaders as they needed a slogan to hold the Tamil people together & hijacked by the LTTE to legitimize their armed struggle which initially had the backing of the Tamil political leaders. Has it not occurred to this ‘knowledgeable’ audience that this entire homeland & separatist propaganda is simply a cover to masquerade their illegal international network that brings in millions to their kitty from human smuggling, illegal drug smuggling, credit card scams, money laundering etc. The issue has also a ruse for geopolitical agendas of West & India. If none of these factors are taken to consideration in any discussion or negotiation, no wonder they think us fools & easily gullible.

It is agreed that the LTTE when it took up the armed struggle were like the JVP hyped up youth that could easily be brainwashed by an ideology fed into their system. Many of these young cadres would have been put on drugs given that LTTE were versatile drug/narcotic smugglers. We are also aware that many of these young children kidnapped from poor & low caste Tamil homes were traumatized in many ways through gruesome training to kill & hate Sinhalese whom they had not even met or seen. Our hearts do melt when hearing these individual stories related by the 594 child soldiers who were given a presidential pardon & turned into ordinary children by the previous government – the story of Gokulan the cadre turned singer is one that will melt any heart. But, the fact remains many of these cadres were willing killers while others were forced to kill. These willing killers were among the surrendered LTTE cadres who refused to be rehabilitated some of whom the TNA are now asking to be released claiming them to be political prisoners. Are the ‘knowledgeable’ audience aware of this? We cannot sympathize with willing killers.

Then we have the members of the armed forces the bulk of whom come from rural, poor Sinhala Buddhist homes. Every home, every workplace, everywhere you find a black sheep & there is no denying that some soldiers would not have functioned to the military code of conduct but the military has enough of records of removing such soldiers that have been found guilty and there is a system that the military follows in removing such soldiers/officers.

However, the tactics adopted by a national army in defense of the country cannot be compared to the tactics carried out by an illegitimate terrorist group. The tactics the armed forces carry out should remain confidential & no one can demand these to be shared with any party (the disclosure of this we know led to the Millennium City debacle & the killing of 44 armed forces personnel). In the case of the LTTE – anyone going against the LTTE leader was simply shot dead, any child not willing to undergo training & crying to return home also got shot dead. We all know what happened to Mahaththaya who turned out to be a spy for India. So where do we place this in the ‘both sides to blame’ theory?

When anyone accuses that I am highlighting only the fault of the other party”, can this person show me cases where the armed forces have entered Tamil villages cut up pregnant mothers, sleeping babies & men farming? Can these accusers show me examples of our armed forces entering mosques & murdering Muslims in prayer? Can these accusers show me examples where our armed forces have entered Buddhist temples or Kovils & shot dead people meditating & praying? Can these accusers show me examples of our armed forces carrying out suicide attacks & bombs on passenger buses, trains & in public places? Can these accusers show me how many children our soldiers have kidnapped & turned into child soldiers? So whoever comes up with this ‘highlighting only the fault of the other party’ needs to be more sensible than making barren statements which they cannot substantiate with facts.

In claiming that I am highlighting only the fault of the other party the next allegation is that my loyalty often seems quite blind & insensitive” – are we to be loyal to an internationally banned terrorist movement? Are we clap at all of the murders committed by the LTTE over the decades and credit these murders to ‘oh they were simply going against the bad policies of the State & armed forces”, how can we be so heartless to these innocent victims, majority are from rural & poor homes and these victims are not just Sinhalese, Muslims but foreigners & Tamils too? Where are we blind or insensitive?

Can those proponents wishing to increase ‘credibility in the eyes of a discerning & knowledgeable reading audience’ give explanations for some examples given below which have increased since the new government took over in January 2015

·        Jaffna mayor attending LTTE commemoration
·        Jaffna University holding LTTE commemorations including unveiling a plaque for LTTE homeland quest
·        Northern Chief Minister Wigneswaran claiming no Sinhalese to be allowed in the North & East to live or Tamils to marry Sinhalese
·        Members of the TNA supervising the bulldozing of ancient archaeological sites
·        Pro-LTTE groups demolishing ancient Buddhist sites in the North & East
·        Weapons suddenly emerging from hideouts across the North & East
·        Armed groups also roaming the North some even attacking members of the armed forces.
·        Tamil diaspora & TNA claiming LTTE cadres to be political prisoners & demanding their release
·        Tamil diaspora & TNA demanding demilitarization & removal of military camps & soldiers from the North
·        Tamil diaspora groups lobbying foreign governments, foreign MPs & even UN to continue their claim for a separate Tamil homeland & continuing bogus propaganda campaign
·        Foreign Intelligence confirming that despite the LTTE leader & ground leadership being eliminated the LTTE ideology & international support network remains alive & functioning
·        Foreign Arrests & judgements against LTTE in foreign courts for LTTE killing
·        The President of Sri Lanka at the UN claiming that the LTTE financiers must be dealt with

Those that want to present the scenario of taking the supposed middle path & simply claiming both sides committed wrongs must next explain what should happen thereafter. What are they proposing beyond the acceptance that both sides committed crimes? Have they forgotten that even the legally questionable Ban Ki Moon’s 3 member panel report also faulted both sides but the War Crimes Tribunal is only against the Armed Forces that too without evidence of having killed 40,000 people – 9 years on we still do not have 40,000 dead names, there are no skeletons even!
While on the subject of treating both parties equally – can we have examples of LTTE saving close to 300,000 as the Sri Lanka Armed Forces did in May 2009?

Win for whoever is mightier” – every game has a winner & a loser. Both world wars ended up victor’s justice. We continue to seek accountability for over 500 years of colonial crimes perpetrated by the very countries that are self-appointed world’s policemen but continuing to commit every crime they accuse others of. Can anyone show where UN or these Western nations have been unbiased & impartial? Where has the West’s war on terror landed – every nation the West wants to conquer & take over their resources has some terrorist trouble! It is those peddling these new notions that are now even asking not to honor the fallen heroes with a minutes silence probably because LTTE cadres are not included in the honor! And the West is still going after the Nazi’s – men who are in their 90s are still being arrested!

We are living in times when the self-appointed custodians of peace & human rights are bombing countries, illegally invading & occupying them & even manufacturing conflicts & creating terrorists to justify their presence & enabling the sale of arms & ammunition to both the State army & the terrorists they have trained. We have a UN that has silently approved these supposedly ‘humanitarian R2P interventions” & even nodding their heads to sanctions knowing the victims are the common public. Anyone seeing the suffering of the people in Yemen will demand to close down the UN, the international NGOs & charities that are supposed to save people – can this ‘both sides must take blame’ be applicable to Yemen too?

It is unacceptable to put a legitimate national army on par with & equate it with an internationally banned terrorist movement (even if they are called insurgents or freedom fighters)

In an internal conflict as in Sri Lanka the rules of war apply to both sides & if such is the case we do not see the application of IHL & their violations by LTTE being used to demand criminal action against LTTE.

Let us also not forget & hope the ‘knowledgeable’ audience has also not forgotten that there would have been no requirement to call for a military defeat of the LTTE had India not threatened Sri Lanka not to capture a cornered Prabakaran in 1987 & instead whisked him off to India in an Indian helicopter, thousands of people would have been alive if the foreign governments aware of LTTE offices in their countries stopped these fronts from operating & materially supporting the LTTE over the years, thousands of property would not have been damaged if foreign governments did not knowingly sell their sophisticated equipment & communication and post-LTTE defeat when the UNSC Resolution 1373 was incorporated to ban 15 LTTE fronts operating from US, Canada, Norway, UK, Australia & other EU countries & India, if these governments had taken the interest to at least investigate these fronts operating from their countries there would not be any need to say LTTE international networks are alive but expect Sri Lanka to remove the Prevention of Terrorism Act & other terrorist counter measures that deal with likely terror scenarios repeating in Sri Lanka.

LTTE did not give us peace – LTTE gave us blood & tears. However, 27,000 soldiers sacrificed their lives to give us peace and an equal number lie injured some unable to even move a limb & they are not even 30 years old & they will continue to suffer like this for life. We cannot forget these sacrifices. 

Moreover the co-sponsorship of the UNHRC resolution lays blame on the Sri Lankan Armed Forces & the demands for a new constitution, a war crimes tribunal by en bloc Western nations in the UN with their satellite states clearly reveal a bias. The both sides to blame theory can be applicable only to the last stages of the conflict in the application of IHL rules of war. However, the international terrorist experts tasked to look into the various allegations that had been made have clearly established that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces have not committed war crimes.

The comment ends by claiming Sri Lankans should become more mature in their attitude & approach” – the simple answer to this is so long as there is no level playing field, we see no reason why there should be crocodile tears for a terrorist movement with restorative justice for LTTE & retributive justice for the national army. In such a scenario, we must defend the under dogs which in this case is the National Army while the power of money has enabled the LTTE to purchase the mouths of foreign parliamentarians, foreign NGOs, foreign human rights groups, foreign lawyers on retainer payroll & even members of the UN.

Anyone promoting the theory of ‘both sides must take equal blame’ are welcome to counter any of the arguments made above with facts & evidence.

Loyalty for the country & national army cannot be termed bias simply because I do not share the same feelings for an internationally banned terrorist movement. I see no reason to change this simply to strike a deal because deals cannot compromise the truth that LTTE killed people in cold blood under orders. 

Prabakaran, LTTE cadres, LTTE linked TNA, separatist elements, LTTE fronts & anyone that has benefitted by the LTTE Inc must all take blame for prematurely ending the lives of thousands of people & there is no ‘both parties must take equal blame’ theory here.

Shenali D Waduge

27 September 2018

Shouldn’t the UN & World give priority to the VICTIMS of LTTE killings FIRST?

We are a little puzzled at the manner the UN & the so called international community are handling post-LTTE defeat Sri Lanka. Whatever LTTE is now being presented as, what no one can ignore is the fact that the men, women & children that comprised the LTTE were nothing but cold-blooded murderers. No one forced them to take a gun, no one forced them to kill, no one forced them to end innocent people’s lives but that is exactly what they did since 1970s. Where were all these international players when LTTE attacked villages, when innocent civilians were being cut to death & when bombs & suicide missions were taking place throughout the island? Yet, suddenly after the LTTE defeat, a string of international parties & individuals are holding placards about how the war should have been fought & accusing the National Army of committing war crimes totally ignoring that the Armed Forces would not have been called to eliminate the LTTE if the LTTE did not go about murdering innocent people. Justice should be given to the victims of LTTE first. In order to do that the LTTE war crimes have to be investigated & charged first.

While we are concerned about why LTTE began killing people, who funded & trained them & who supported them over the years as well as who championed their propaganda machinery, what cannot be ignored is that the LTTE was the common enemy of not only Sinhalese, Muslims & foreigners but Tamils too. Everyone who went against the LTTE became victims in some way or the other.

So the question that needs to be answered is who supported the LTTE over the years. Whether they are foreigners, foreign governments, foreign intelligence, politicians, businessmen, academics, artists or even civilians – we need to know who were indirectly or directly supporting LTTE. Nothing happened to these people because of their support to the LTTE. 

It is only those that went against the LTTE that ended up in their graves prematurely.

As far as these numbers are concerned they far exceed those that are being quoted by LTTE sources as being killed by the Armed Forces and requoted by members of the international community some of whom have direct links to the LTTE fronts operating from foreign shores. 
These links completely nullify any credibility to make allegations when none of the allegations are supported by evidence. 

If 40,000 are claimed to have been killed the least anyone making the allegations should do is to present the names & details of the dead which has not been forthcoming and we are into the 9th year of this baseless allegation. So where are the names of this 40000 supposed to be killed people which is the basis on which the National Army is being charged of war crimes. If there are no names of the dead, no dead bodies or even their skeletons how can any soldier be accused of murder? It is such a silly allegation and it is surprising that learned experts are actually not asking themselves this basic question.  

Even the Presidential Commission on Missing Persons covering period of 1983 to 2009 has had just over 18,000 logged names of which 5000 are of Missing In Action Armed forces personnel.

Sri Lanka’s conflict is treated as a Non-International Armed Conflict where LTTE an internationally proscribed terrorist movement committed many crimes that violate international laws. The fact that LTTE has been proscribed internationally and that the LTTE ban is annually renewed by every country that banned LTTE since 1997 & 2001 with statements by the US authorities that the LTTE ideology, LTTE fund raising & LTTE support networks remain alive still goes to show that the threat of LTTE remains very much alive.

LTTE cadres escaped to foreign shores & recent arrests & charges against LTTE for killings abroad confirms that the threat of the LTTE continues to persist. All that the LTTE today lacks is a leader of the caliber of Prabakaran – all other apparatus is intact. In such a scenario why are the armed forces being unfairly accused in the UN & what is the logic or ulterior motive behind these allegations?

The National Army is called in by the Government in power to defend the nation & its people. This is exactly what the Armed Forces were called in to do when after failed peace talks, negotiations, even foreign-brokered peace deals failed & the lives of the citizens were more important than giving breathing space for a terrorist movement.

It is not that the LTTE were not given chances to lay down their arms & surrender. Twice the President of the country called upon the LTTE to surrender which LTTE refused. If LTTE refused & declared it would fight to its last man, it was the choice of the LTTE & the Armed Forces cannot be held responsible. No armed conflict exchanges roses. Just as soldiers ended up dead so did LTTE cadres. 

The problem is confounded by the fact that civilians did die but LTTE confounded the situation because LTTE had its own CIVILIAN TRAINED ARMY. That means LTTE had a civilian force who were trained in combat operations. These Tamil civilians were trained to kill & fight the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. Can we identify such a dead person as a civilian or even a LTTE cadre - NO we cannot. So how can such a person be categorised as a civilian? This is an example of the blur of distinction and the Soldier cannot be faulted for the death. Every second the soldier takes to verify if the other person was a civilian or LTTE cadre means that he would become a dead soldier & no UN or international body would be weeping for him!

In addition to this, LTTE fought both in uniforms & civilian clothing. It is a fundamental rule of law that any civilian who is involved in hostilities loses their right to civilian status. So if any civilian died – what no one is answering is whether this civilian belonged to the LTTE civilian armed force or whether he/she was a LTTE fighting in civilian clothing. Without that being answered the death cannot be credited to the account of the Sri Lankan soldier. 

The other forgotten factor is that the LTTE shot at Tamils fleeing to Army controlled areas – how many did LTTE shoot & kill. No one is answering this and these deaths too cannot be credited to the account of the Sri Lankan soldier. 

Let us never forget that the Sri Lankan soldiers while engaged in combat with the LTTE, saved close to 300,000 people in addition to this the Sri Lankan soldiers also accepted close to 12000 LTTE cadres who were all in civilian clothing with over 500 child soldiers. If the Sri Lankan soldiers were murderers why would they save these 12,000 LTTE cadres? 

The UN & the international community become a laughing stock if they are ignoring LTTE killings & concentrating only on a witch hunt of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

Who started killing first? The LTTE

Who did the LTTE kill first? Innocent men, women & children in villages, on buses, on trains, in public places etc.

Why would the UN & International Community wish to First investigate supposed killings (without evidence) by the Armed Forces & NOT the killings by the LTTE, FIRST?

By virtue of the LTTE being an internationally proscribed terrorist movement the onus is on the UN & foreign governments as well as the Sri Lankan Government to investigate & punish the LTTE FIRST.

·      How many LTTE killed 
·      Who were killed by LTTE 
·      Foreign Governments to investigate every LTTE front (for material support) ORIGINALLY proscribed by UN Security Council Resolution 1373 in April 2014 as these are all operating from US, UK, EU countries, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia – as LTTE remain banned in their countries every leader & member of these LTTE fronts have to be punished under the terror laws that govern their countries. 
·      Sri Lanka must also appoint a Commission of Inquiry to accept grievances against LTTE & every individual, local & internationally linked NGO etc that had links to the LTTE since 1970s. 
·      The Armed Forces must investigate any allegations forthcoming against any soldier that has violated Military Code of Conduct & through Sri Lanka’s military tribunals punish any soldier or officer.

Any trial has to be of use to the victims not to the international parties funding them or the people getting a handsome salary & perks for sitting & wasting years’ & time offering no justice to the victims.

We really do not need any foreigners to launch tribunals. The examples of the 6 tribunals held since the Tribunal against Yugoslavia & the expense & wastage of years with nothing forthcoming to the victims show the futility of these trials. 

This is exactly the outcome of the UN tribunals/hybrid courts held against Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, East Timor. Therefore, taking these as examples we have every valid reason to say NO THANK YOU TO FOREIGN TRIBUNALS. 

If the world is wanting to serve justice – justice must be served to the VICTIMS not justice to the murderers. With no names of the supposed ‘civilians’ killed by the Sri Lankan Forces, there is no valid justification for any War Crimes Tribunal against the Sri Lanka soldiers, on the other hand the LTTE murdered many innocent people and if any justice should be served it should be against LTTE & their supporters for cutting short the lives of innocent civilians while there are thousands of people who remain injured for life (mentally & physically) by LTTE. 

Don’t these people matter to the UN & the international community?

Shenali D Waduge

23 September 2018

Unproductive Rambling by Tamil Politicians

Kanthar Balanathan

Since independence from the 4th Feb 1948 to date, Tamil politicians have treated Tamil citizens as a bunch of cattle herds driving them to a state of mental disorder. The perception of the politicians has been so low that they have an agenda for them to come back elected from their club in a cyclic pattern, rather focusing on development.

The main election manifesto was Federal System, however, behind the scene was a separate country on a 50-year horizon. Every election was conducted with this notion of Federalism. Most mind sick Tamil laborers who did not understand structural transformation, economic development technology development, GDP, etc were hinged onto this propaganda of the FP. Even the dam FP politicians were not informed of the GDP and did not advocate a sound GDP and growth. The racial politics was important to them than development. Racism transformed into violence at one stage and subsequently to armed struggle with terrorism in the 70s. UNP must be warned that they are the cause for this terrorism growth. If the UNP government was interested in the country they could have arrested Prabakaran and eliminated and wiped out the terrorist group. UNP was listening to the hypothetical theories of the West which were the prime reason for failure. Well, do the west have an agenda of dividing SL into four states (republics)? (i) North to India, (ii) East to Saudi Arabia, (iii) South to China and (iv) Central and Rajarata to the West.

With the barbaric clowns (LTTE) moved and gone away with politics, some people short of intelligence have emerged without a clear mind and lack of knowledge in democracy and political science to chew the country with racial politics.

There comes the new old fellow CV Wigneswaran (CVW) from the Chief Justice position (retired) via shortcuts and brainwashing the TNA whips to be elected to Chief Minister position. It’s a strategic political agenda planned by CVW, TNA, Vasudeva Nanayakkara (VN), and Kesaralal Gunasekera, both MPs. The question now is how to retain peoples support and hold onto his CM position among the imbecilic Tamils. Quoting imbecilic Tamils here is meaning the Federal party supporters. The only tool is to keep agitating the various LTTE supporter’s claim of war criminals, violation of HR, missing people, the release of lands in the North, police and land power and the various imaginary topics. CVW thinks that these are the topics that will hold him in power and support from the people. However, his supporters and attackers found out that there is a way to rise to the top, overthrowing the TNA power aggressors. He (CVW) was the founder of the Tamil Peoples Council. There is a speculation that he (CVW) is yet to form a new Tamil’s diaspora backed political party in two weeks’ time.


The yet unnamed party is likely to include the Tamil National Peoples’ Front (TNPF) led by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam; the Eelam Peoples’ Revolutionary Liberation Front-Suresh (EPRLF-Suresh) led by Suresh Premachandran; and the Peoples’ Liberation Organization of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) led by D. Siddharthan, among other smaller groups.

If we do a psychological analysis and profiling of the people involved, that will lead to a conclusion that these people are purely filled with totalitarian, tyrannical and power hunger mind. Since 1948, can we count the number of political parties formed by Tamils? Where can we fit these people within the cognitive science sphere? What’s cognitive science?

“Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, embracing philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology”.
Suresh Premachandran: Can he swear that he, being the leader of the EPRLF, the most second cruel murderous terrorist group has not murdered any Tamil?
Suresh Premachandran fought with CVW for a portfolio for his brother in the NPC and now he has got it, either may be by sucking or bribing. An indication that our politicians are interested in power for wealth but not address the peoples needs.
Gajendrakumar does blabber without thinking. These are Tamil politicians.
Can CVW confirm the development work he initiated within the Northern Province? He is only fighting for power and money. It's only now he has got up from sleep and propagating Tamils not to expect government jobs but start their sole trader job and develop the country, which the writer published several years ago. If all Tamils will work for the country’s development then SL may walk towards Singapore.

Ananthi Sasitharan’s fraudulent practices have been uncovered.

The only brain that functions within NPC is the Governor HE. Reginald Cooray.
CVW now states that he has been given four choices by the people:
1.     Retire and enjoy his life at home.
2.     Contest on another single political party.
3.     Form a new party and contest.
4.     Convert Tamil Peoples Council into a political party, join hands with the Tamil Diaspora and contest.
5.     We diaspora can suggest and recommend a suitable option, which is not human. Maybe he can understand what we are trying to say.

It is appreciated that someone has proposed that he should retire from politics and rest at home, which is the best solution for the Tamils in SriLanka. What was the need for “Tamil Peoples Council”.

Always CVW blabbers about a political solution, power etc. Political solution: What more do Tamils want in SL. They are doing well in free education, enjoying liquor, sex (rapes), murder, and all what human needs. Every Tamil who comes out of the University wants to get out of SL. Even an uneducated coolie wants to get out of SL. West is a place suitable for uneducated coolies, NOT for professionals.

It is highly recommended that the old Tamil politicians who have acquired wealth via politics should cease to be politicians, go home and rest or chose a highly good option as 5 above. Leave the politics to the younger generation and maybe Douglas Devananda (DD). It is expected that DD will not work towards accumulating wealth but address the needs of the people.

Tamils in SriLanka shall not think that they are Tamils, BUT Sri Lankans. Please read my article on my web page. Ref: http://nrnmind.blogspot.com/2018/08/concealed-risk-of-multiculturism.html
Sri Lankans have every right to build Buddhist temples in any part of the country. Every Tamil film produced in Tamil Nadu do not fail to place a Buddhist Statue in a scene of the movie.

Dam CVW has no right to oppose placing a Buddhist statue or build a Buddhist temple in the North or East. It's every human’s democratic right around in the world. It’s true that Buddhism is practiced and preached by billions of people around the world. Tamils have proved that they are a bunch of psychiatric patients.  The Tamils have brought down SriLanka’s Economy to a terrible alarming level. Tamils joined hands with the dam UNP, are also driving Sinhala Sri Lankans out of the country. Tamil Diaspora who entered the West as laborers have no brain power to think, but propagate for Tamil Eelam. What benefits can they accrue from overseas?

Let the Tamils in SL work out a program of reconciliation and development for them to survive. Tamil Diaspora shall not engage in advising for negative progress. Tamils have been a bottleneck and a constraint to SriLanka, thereby being a liability.