23 November 2014

How many UNPers will vote for a Farmer from the Opposite Camp?

* The UNP - is a party where CLASS factor is undeniable - it is why Sajith will never be accepted, it is why Dayasri left, it is why Premadasa had to be excepted because of no other choice but why Maithripala will not be accepted (strange that NO UNP sat at the press conference announcing Maithripala's candidature as common candidate)

* Will UNP voters fall for trap - Remember the trishaw driver Municipal elections in 2006? Sirisena Cooray asked UNP votebase to vote for the trishaw driver claiming he would hand over power once elected. That did not happen and the UNP voters foolishly voted for a trishaw driver!

* Ranil chickened out of contesting the last presidential election and Fonseka fell for the bait and again UNP voters fell victim and faced disappointment.

* Now the question is knowing that a large number of minorities vote for the UNP -
will the Tamils vote for Maithri?
will the Muslims vote for Maithri?
will the Christians/Catholics vote for Maithri?
will the high class UNP vote for Maithri knowing that passing power is quite a questionable scenario?

As for the President... it is good to take stock of what is taking place around him
* who are his stalwarts, how reliable are they, have the loyal been rewarded or being discarded because the make-believe loyals have money though not loyal but money cant buy or give loyalty
* what will tip the balance again in favour - abolish 13a, adjust provisions in it, safeguard the interests of the nation and not personal gains, give opportunity for competent people not people pretending to be doormats and then leaving camp...take the honest one's into one's fold and get rid of the useless...

this election is all about revenge and nothing to do with national interests of the nation.... these factors need to be brought out into the open...

just imagine a Maithri Govt and the demands that will be made from those supporting him
* foreign funds that bought MPs will demand their piece of Sri Lanka
* the federalists will want division of SL
* the CFA promoters will tie deals of separation 
* should we look at another terror situation - there are enough un-rehabilitated LTTE cadres around already
* a reversal of all that the country has gained just to satisfy the petty personal agendas of a handful

A good question for the people to ask themselves is
* how much is the public affected in their day to day lives because of the office of the President - is it they who want it abolished or is it just a political slogan for politicians!
* what do the public want that a President can and should deliver - is it political slogans or the leadership to keep the nation and its people safe and secure and uplift the masses and develop the nation

what a chaos the country will land itself in.... voters must decide and voters must not fall prey.