18 November 2014

Do we call them ‘Civilians’ or ‘Combatants’?
They are not in LTTE uniforms.
They are Tamils but not LTTE
They are in civilian attire and they are civilians.
They are holding weapons and have undergone weapons training by LTTE too.
LTTE has held Graduation Ceremonies for these LTTE trained ‘civilians’
Tens of Thousands had received LTTE arms training.
They have taken part in hostilities.
They would have taken part in hostilities during the Last Phase of the Conflict
In an armed conflict as that which Sri Lanka’s conflict is now defined what is the status to be given to these ‘civilians’?

Graduation ceremony of over 600 civilians trained by LTTE

10,000 Tamil civilians under go LTTE training

Graduation of over 10,000 Tamil civilians undergoing LTTE training

Shenali D Waduge