18 August 2015

Dangers of striking deals with separatist
minority parties in Sri Lanka
Shenali D Waduge 

For politicians whatever party or color, is elections about serving the people or serving their interests and the interests of those funding their campaigns. As election results are yet to conclude in the sudden Parliamentary elections being held to avoid impeaching the unelected Prime Minister and causing political embarrassment to him, the citizens have every right to feel worried at the trend taking place where with each election we are beginning to realize that external sources are influences the candidates, the political parties and even the voters.

If elections are about greed for power and the willingness of politicians and political parties to sacrifice principles and compromise the nation the voting public need to take a call and question their role in casting vote for such parties.

Must we hold elections for political parties to come to power by promising minority parties that they would separate the nation? The opposition to agreeing to separatism is primarily because the minority parties making the calls are spurred to demand separatism because it suits the agendas of external forces who are funding them.

The north-east merger proposed by India in the Indian drafted and forcibly imposed Indo-Lanka Accord of 1987 was to enable India to get close to taking the Trincomalee Harbor a quest they are not achieving using arm-twisting methods commercially. The new calls for re-merger of the North and East by Tamils and referring to Muslims as ‘Tamil-speaking’ is to politically get Muslims aligned to separating two key areas in what we can call a greater Eelam that hold strategic interest to both India and the West. The hurry is because Diego Garcia lease falls vacant in 2016 by which time they wish to rope in the political parties ready to prostitute themselves and declare these two areas as fully federal – autonomous enough to allow foreign missions / foreign aid and foreign bases to set up in the North without the approval of the Centre. The modalities for this new set up with new legal terminologies being introduced is probably being drafted creating a precedence using the UNHRC bogus resolutions as a front and excuse to grant full autonomy.

If we know the diabolical agendas of the West and are able to piece together the calls of these minority parties aligning it with the real intent of West and foolish India (also earmarked to be balkanized eventually) why are the politicians and the leaders of the two main political parties and their advisors clueless about this and lacking political will to address and confront this.

If a country is being earmarked to separate only to fulfil the geopolitical objectives of external powers it goes to show the arguments the minority parties are projecting as grievances are nothing but lies to canvass for the objective of those funding them.

No wonder to this date the TNA has yet to provide what Tamils are denied legally & constitutionally which legally and constitutionally are provided exclusively to Sinhalese only. This key question has been in limbo without answer for decades and instead we go on a merry go round with the external sources using their media and officials to promote the interests of the minority parties because it is through them that they can get what they want.

What we need to realize is that these ‘grievance’ crocodile tears are all synchronized and coordinated via money cables by external parties wanting to get a foothold in Sri Lanka for their own vested interest and have nothing to do with Tamils or Muslims. That the Tamil, Muslim populace have yet to realize that they are simply being used as pawns in a bigger game is nothing to be surprised because their brainwashing has not been happening yesterday but over a very long period of time using numerous incentives – refugee status to live abroad, minorities made to feel the privileged and preferred lot by the international community (aligned to the colonial divide and rule policy) the constant reference used by global ‘rights’ entities for minority rights again camouflaging the real agendas. It is only a handful of intelligent and well-read minority citizens able to understand this wish to have nothing to do with this diabolical agenda.

If external sources are influencing minorities the main political parties have without reading between the lines helped fortify the goals of the external sources in creating ghetto areas and using minorities in a ‘you scratch my back, I will scratch yours’ in a very dangerous game leading the country to a chaos.

As things stand it is obvious that the UNP has to reach out to the two separatist minority parties both claiming to want a separate state to form a government. The voters of the UNP need to next ask themselves do they want their party to enable separation just to come into a power carving Sri Lanka to pieces. This is a very serious question and it is very sad that there are no politicians or voters in this camp who have not come forward to say that their vote for UNP is not to agree to allow a separation of Sri Lanka under whatever name (because the West realizes that Sri Lankans are not as stupid as other countries and they are dabbling with words to fool the people – thus unitary but federal with full autonomy is not unitary at all.

For the UPFA it must understand that in areas of the island where minorities have been allowed to create ghetto areas, the UPFA loses votes because the minorities are funded to annoy the majority by their behaviour and actions by making new cultural demands and imposing these on the  majority who find it an intrusion and are able to read the implications if allowed to go further. If UPFA/SLFP leaders and advisors have not realized this by now it is time they should before they begin to further lose the confidence of the majority that maintains their political existence. As results come the ghetto areas are giving big wins for separatist agenda. This is a very dangerous precedent and advisors need to take stock of this. What happens always is that the ghetto areas remain untouched and the majority areas get separated by drilling bogus issues into their minds.

A fault that both mainstream parties are equally accused of is that they spend 70% of their time wallowing over false grievances of minorities totally ignoring that the grievances of the majority that protects the very foundation and safety of the country is left unaddressed.

The TNA should have been neutralized by the appointment of a Presidential Commission to link it to LTTE and thus take legal action against it.

Why cant the two main political parties come to an agreement that the country will not be compromised and be separated/divided under whatever name the UN comes up with and this needs to be honoured and they should not align with minority parties vying for same. At the same time it is shameful that the minorities claiming hurt and crying that the majority are insensitive towards them when their separatist ways are pointed out still go in large numbers and cast their votes for the minority parties seeking separatism. The world media of course never highlights this hypocrisy and some Sinhalese are foolish enough only to fault the messenger and completely avoid what the warning is trying to project.

What tragically appears a foregone conclusion is that we have very few people who love this country. For most opportunism, one foot here and another foot overseas, selfishness, greed and hunger for power wins the day.

Understandably the minorities are all linked to foreign shores – Tamils to India/Tamil Nadu, Muslims to Middle East/India, Christian/Catholics following forced conversions after colonial rule. It is sadly the manner that the majority has been divided to forget that they have a role in protecting the history, heritage and identity of a country passed down to them through the sacrifices of national patriots and heroes and not be emissaries of Western liberal motives out to use them to devour the country and eliminate the identity first through multiculturalism/multifaith bringing a 2600 history on par with the colonial created modern systems and thereafter taking control of the future of the people through the Western media, trade, international systems in their control.

Cannot people read between the lines and simply ask what country has the West brought democracy to and enabled them to self-sustain their existence? Every country that the West has touched with their ‘democracy’ is today in tatters.

If the country is separated what next? have the parties thought about this and are the other countries that have been separated similarly on ethnic lines living as peacefully and happily as they believed they would? NO....