10 August 2015


 Now the people of Sri Lanka have to decide if they want Sri Lanka –the nation itself to be history on the 17 August 2015. The boat of ‘good governance’ has sailed with the Arjuna Mahendren / the Central Bank heist. The rumblings of self-determination by the TNA on the wind blown by the ‘International community and their media can turn into a major force with the help of the turncoats in the UNP lead coalition and a treacherous President.  An ambitious Tamil Eelam has plans for greater land mass than even admitted in their current mapping of the Eelam.

A nation once broken cannot be put back together again- ask the Palestinians. They will say being stateless and in refugee camps for ever is not much fun. Do not entertain any dreams of getting on to a boat and setting sail to another home. The welcome mat that was laid for the Tamil refugees will not be laid for you!  The population in the south will be herded into camps and eradicated systematically and blamed for destroying itself. The so-called “international community” will coin a new word “self-genocide”  and say that is what is happening!!  

The “international community” would show the world that their “Prodigal son” and his flock have been taught a bitter lesson