19 August 2015

Fundamental Rights violation: JVP with 543,944 has only 
6 seats while ITAK with 515,963 has 16 seats

Shenali D Waduge

This is to raise a very important issue. In looking at results of the 2015 Parliamentary election results there is a very clear discrepancy at play. How is it that an ITAK has secured 16 seats (14 + 2 bonus seats) while the JVP contesting all island has secured just 6 seats (4 + 2 bonus)?

ITAK is an ethnic party vying for a separate state as envisaged repeatedly through its manifestos since 2001, 2004, 2010 and once again in 2015. ITAK links with LTTE have never been investigated. ITAK’s constitution itself is currently being questioned as not been federal but confederal though it poses as the Federal Party in the English translation of its party.

Nevertheless, it is a mockery on the election system were allocation of seats discriminate the votes received and this is best seen in the current election results highlighted below.

It is suggested that this be taken up at the highest levels as it is a violation of the equality in franchise where disproportionate number of seats is being allocated to a party which has less votes as can be seen in the below All Island results.

Why should ITAK which has 27981 votes less than the JVP get 16 seats while JVP has only 6 seats. This does not make logical sense at all to the voters and makes a mockery of the electoral system. It is wrong by the political party contesting as well as by the voters casting their vote.