10 August 2015

Saving Sri Lanka - Questions for UNP voters

1. Exactly what is the benefit you have received the past 7 months that you didn't enjoy before January 8th 2015?

2. Do you think the country is safer now that LTTE cadres who fled are returning, soldiers are confined to barracks, camps in the North and East are being closed and western intelligence and Indian intelligence are all over the country?

3. Do you think that foreign presence in Sri Lanka is because they love us and want to bring democracy to us - didn't the US say it was bringing democracy to Iraq by overthrowing the dictator Saddam... now what is happening in Iraq?

4. Are you not bothered that the people who claimed they were bringing good governance is now openly stealing the wealth of this country? Are you not concerned about the Central Bank Bond Scam were billions of rupees have been lost? Is the rupee going to the highest ever valuation not something to be concerned about? wasn't Colombo a beautiful award winning city and today dirty and hawkers are everywhere? Did you count the number of times the UNP MPs have travelled abroad? Have you spoken to the people in Ministries to realize that everything is going downward.... did Greece ever expect to be bankrupt.... do you think this will not happen to Sri Lanka?

5. What is unbelievable is how people who were quick to cry 'hora hora' for Rajapakse are so silent about the crooks that have been taken from Rajapakse to Ranil and the known-crooks that Ranil has been keeping close to him all these years. Malik is on the national list, another pastor Irwin too and with pastor Eran and Born Again Rosy we are fast creating Evangelical Sri Lanka - a masterplan of the US.

6. Of course not too many in Sri Lanka appear to even want to think that developments in Sri Lanka are connected to the global scene and that is why US is heavily involved in Sri Lanka...all this thinking is a bit too much for Kolambians but if we do not think about these aspects we are doomed as a nation. All the politicians must have already been promised travel overseas but what about the ordinary people... they will suffer just like the people in Greece.

7. Ranil says full devolution. Wigneswaran is being trained now. UNP Tamil MPs are declaring what UNP will do - separate the country, close down police as gratitude for Tamil votes... then what about the Muslim votes... it is only time when Ranil will allow the East also to separate... and UNP Sinhalese will be applauding the great visionary Ranil. It doesn't take brains to divide the nation...but it takes a lot of brains to keep the country together! Is this what Sinhala UNP voters will allow to happen?

8. OK devolution is given then what next. Do you think Wigneswaran can rule the North or be allowed to rule the North in a happy environment. No that is why the cadres are back. They will be rearmed by India through West and then they will start another conflict....so how many UNP children will go to fight the enemy? They would probably take a flight overseas. If that happens.. what will happen... the North will become bigger and bigger... and the same will happen to East.. their areas will become bigger and bigger because there is no one to defend the areas other than North and East

9. Are you Sinhala voters now getting the bigger picture? 

10. If you can just imagine this scenario happening you might just be able to save Sri Lanka ... otherwise get ready to jump into the sea....and also think about what will happen to your children and grand children too.. the US/UK and West don't enter non-white territory because they love any of us... it is good if we remember this.