14 August 2015

Two cartoons that show the reality...
Shenali Waduge

In 1956 this cartoon changed the election defeating the UNP.

In 2015 this cartoon will decide how far the people are able to grasp the dangers and join the patriotic forces to defend their nation... we urge you to put your country first...massive amounts of money is being thrown to buy over voters.. this is not democracy.. voters should not be intimidated by the very organizations that preach good governance.

All we are doing is placing the facts before you.

We are not funded nor do we take money from anyone.

We only want to protect the nation for all and from people who want to divide / separate / change the ethnic & religious composition of Sri Lanka and use it as a military base to spy and destroy fellow nations of Asia.

please share and in these last few days make people aware ....

We now have another threat in Indians coming to live and work in Sri Lanka another idea from the UNP that will change the ethnic composition and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka completely.

Remember 17 times India tried to take over Sri Lanka and failed now Ranil is virtually signing Sri Lanka over with his rail/road link and CEPA agreement