17 August 2015

UNP is helping destroy Sri Lanka’s last defence lines: 
Buddhism and Nationalism

Shenali D Waduge

We have approached the most decisive election in the history of post-independence Sri Lanka. It will decide the future of Sri Lanka, the continuation or elimination of a 2600 Buddhist history and the ethnic demography of our country. With each year since 1505 the enemy has made incremental changes each time biting into traditional spaces and claiming joint status using nomenclatures like ‘multiculturalism’ ‘multifaith’ and these imperial objectives of the West co-championed with the Church is camouflaged by the political notion of democracy and pushed via Western created United Nations. At the receiving end is Buddhism and the patriotic forces led by the nationalists and the armed forces all from the South of Sri Lanka. They committed their lives in blood and sweat to save their nation from foreign invasions/occupations and now it is upto us fellow countrymen to not allow their blood and sweat to go in vain by handing over our nation meekly to the enemy.

Our choice is simple. Do we decide on a leader who has proven by his past actions of being able to question and challenge foreign bullying or a party that has followed a policy on ‘unwinnable war’ and appeasement and ever ready to fall at the feet of the Western capitalist apparatus where our future would mean privatization, tax burdens and foreign occupation. Do we want our nation to turn into a South Korea or have our independence subjugated as Hawaii, is what our countrymen need to think minutes before they cast their vote!

Practicing a religion/ Converting a nation is two different things
Every citizen is allowed to practice their personal religion without any discrimination but it is when the institutions of some religions engage in a diabolical agenda of converting using ugly practices that the majority Sinhalese object and have every right to object. If the conversion and Christianizing agenda was allowed to prevail without opposition the entire country would be on its way to what South Korea has become in less than 60 years. From a majority Buddhist nation South Korea today is an Evangelical preaching nation. It is wrong and immoral for country’s to fund such religious change. When it is pointed out the messenger becomes subject to a terrain of attacks and the message is nicely buried. We know the tactic too well.

No sooner an unelected Opposition Leader was declared Prime Minister his manifesto states an inclusion of a Christian ministry and all the Christian churches have been brought under an umbrella to make obvious the plan for Sri Lanka. Is it wrong for us to point this out and object. These plans have nothing to do with people themselves changing by conviction but by a well programmed initiative to move people away from a compassionate scientifically proven Theravada Buddhist leaning towards liberal West and its Christian dogma and capitalist systems which makes it easier for the West to control the new converted foot soldiers who are more loyal than the Western natural born Christians. Once these Asians/Africans are converted they are the shield and the men who are used to destabalize a country for the Church as an institute is able to wield enormous control over the minds of these people very Sunday and through a very powerful network at play.

What needs to be understood is that the opposition is not against people practicing their personal faiths but when the religious Institute is politically used to undermine the politics of the nation and steer public away from protecting their nation. These underhand conversion efforts do not give any right for the heads of these institutes to pretend to us that they are peace loving because under their veiled niceties is a bigger objective masqueraded by words and good deeds.

What minorities must accept
The other fact that needs to be acknowledged and accepted is that every time the country’s sovereignty was at risk it was not the minorities but the majority who came forward to defend the nation. In fact historically there is proof that the Tamils and Muslims sided with the enemy Portuguese, Dutch and the British alongside a handful of local Sinhalese traitors too. Just as in the past these Sinhala traitors are easily identifiable and they are rejects of society. They have no place of credibility amongst the masses except feel proud servants in the cocktail circuits of the foreign company they keep until they find better servants to pay and get the job done.

Minorities should also not feel offended when the truth is reminded to them. Hard as it may be to swallow it must always be accepted that apart from a handful of Tamils we have yet to see the Tamils coming forward to denounce the TNA’s separatist manifestos, claims for homeland, notions of self-determination etc. We initially thought that the LTTE prevented them from voicing their views openly, now with Prabakaran dead and a handful of former LTTE cadres yet fearful of showing heir might openly, we are still to see the Tamils denounce TNA or the LTTE fronts.
Similar situation prevails amongst the Muslims Again only a handful of Muslims come forward to denounce separatist politicians like Hakeem, Bathurdeen, Azad Salley etc while most are silent though many have tried to showcase the difference in Islam and Wahhabi Islam and the manner Muslims are likely to be made the next sacrificial lambs by the UNP/Ranil at the behest of the West. We have been quick to realize that the War on Terror is nothing but a means to destroy Muslims and take over the resources in the Middle East and control the trade lanes. Nevertheless, again the messengers are ridiculed and chided and the message is conveniently forgotten. Now with UNP inviting Tony Blair, a war criminal and murderer as guest, probably paying his holiday too we can well predict the next theatre of war and this time the Muslims are to be sacrificed.

In such a scenario we need to have a strong leader, we need to realize that it is Buddhism the religion of the majority that has always protected the nation, the nationalists and the armed forces that have defended Sri Lanka in the past and will defend the country in the future as well. It is realizing the defense lines that the West is slowly trying to demean and devalue them amongst the public.

Theravada Buddhism is the West’s greatest enemy. They can destroy the men wearing robes but that pristine religion cannot be destroyed. It is the only religion that is scientifically proven and not based on myths, hypes and fairy tales. This is why some men in robes are often targeted by tapping into their inner weaknesses. The Buddhists of Sri Lanka do not worship the man, or even the robe it is the religion that holds our power and that cannot be destroyed by arms and ammunition the West must realize.

The armed forces have been next targets using UN resolutions again ridiculing them and carrying out a global campaign to tarnish them. Every army will have a soldier that does not fall in line. That does not make the armed forces any less patriotic or give us any reason to be less proud of them. We continue to honor their sacrifice and we will not forget the price they paid with their lives to give us a tomorrow without LTTE terrorism bombs, suicide missions and fright.

The nationalists – are the next saviors of this country. The NGOs/INGOs and their local partners are given accolades, awards distributed amongst the same culprits each year honouring themselves for carrying out the Wests agenda. They are nothing but paid employees used to advance the will of the West and the objectives of the imperialists. Nationalists are not paid, they cant be bought over and they have the vision to see the future. They know the plans in store and they provide the people early warning signs and it is for the people to realize these warnings and pay heed.

The media also in control of the West and another employed lot of people will write according to what their employer’s orders them. Invariably they always distract the people’s patriotism away from feeling a sense of personal duty to ensure the country is safeguarded from imperialists and parties out to destroy the nation and take over assets that belong to our people.

This election is not about taking trivial things into consideration and voting based on these.
This election is about voting for a leader who can lead the nation not a leader who is led by other nations.
This election is about voting for a leader who now needs to undo the colossal damage done to the nation in the past 8 months.
This election is for people to realize that despite the irregularities, illegalities and unconstitutionalities taking place none of the very people international and local came forward to object against them

·         Did those who objected against the 18th amendment object to the Opposition Leader (RanilW) being appointed as PM when the sitting PM had not been sacked?
·         Did those who objected to the removal of CJ Shirani B object to why CJ Mohan Pieris was removed without even following any due process?
·         Did those who objected to good governance say anything against the Central Bank bond scam?
  • Did those that preach democracy not question why a President should come on national television and say a candidate will not win and that he is not supporting that candidate and then days before the election write a 5 page letter saying that candidate will not be named Prime Minister. Where are those people who sleep with, eat and wake up to democracy??? Why have they not officially said a word against this unfairness? Whoever the candidate is, it is totally wrong for a candidate to be victimized like this. Even if this had been done to RanilW we would have also objected to this but why are these liberal West democratic preachers and their local stooges not doing the same?

With every year Sri Lanka has lost its traditional heritage, history, historical places and these incremental wins will with time lead Sri Lanka to become another South Korea, Haiti, Indonesia, Hawaii Maldives, Nepal – all nations that have been either Evangelized or Islamized.
Sri Lankans must be aware of these last defense lines and ensure that these are protected because no sooner these obstacles are removed the country is open for all the dogs, cats and vultures to enter and devour our people.

The citizens of Sri Lanka whether they are minority or majority must also realize that those that represent these defense lines will always ensure they are protected and will always stand for their protection at all times. It is therefore imperative that the citizens of Sri Lanka acknowledge who defends the country and bestows respect and help protect them too.