16 March 2016

The threat of TNA against Sinhalese and 
Buddhist temples in the Northern Province

ද්රවිඩ සන්ධානයේ තර්ජණ නිසා අතරමග නවතා දැමා ඇති විහාරස්ථානයේ ඉදිකිරීම්

Has been the threat of TNA against Sinhalese and Buddhist temples in the Northern Province after the government power was that the TNA MPs and their allies came to Mullaitivu Kokilai Sri Sambodhi Viharaya and as a result Notable incumbent Tissapura Sri Wellness threatened repeatedly to vacate the English village Thero.

He said that during his visit to examine the situation regarding the fight against the Sinhalese people of Vanni and Mullaitivu Sena Sena with a group of journalists in Mullaitivu, Sri Kokilai today Sambodhi (14) went when.

Construction work started in 2010, Sri Sambodhi land which is owned by the Kokilai English College before the war. Problem has occurred because the rights of a person to say, the other state-owned land. Temple construction labor force between the then Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and the problem is compounded appointed on the advice of the person has agreed to other land. The Regional Secretary of the approval is granted. But everything turned upside governments morally.

Change control heat TNA head of the North paturavaddī racism hemophiliac TNA MP Minister of Lands ṭī.ravikaran North has threatened several times to stop the construction of the temple Temple gunmen. Due to the impact of the construction of his soldiers who were on it Sabhawa and all construction had already stopped while additional secretary has issued a ban ordered by the Ministry of Lands to stop the construction of the temple.

The Mannar Bishop Joseph priest journalist ally that has been introduced by Jude namættekuda threat to continued pressure in the temple and removed several times a Kokilai English village.

Incumbent Ven Tissa Pura lives of vulnerable civilians in the village temple and the English Kokilai threats continued such that there told the media team as President, the Prime Minister intervened directly to solve this problem is to demand.

Hon. Reginald Cooray
Norther Province