19 March 2017

Root Cause of SriLankan Tribulations
Kanthar P Balanathan, Australia

This article is in response to a video prepared and circulated by Dr. Mahipal Sing Rathore. The talk can be viewed on YouTube page ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBeT2OcAiyw.

Although the narrator attempts to focus on some issues, Mahipal has disregarded to discuss the main issues and problems generated by Tamils attempt at every nodal point. Mahipal has forgotten the stumbles during the State Council period and how the Tamil politicians did muddy up the political atmosphere in SriLanka (SL).

GG Ponnambalam (GGP) after returning from the UK with a first class degree in natural sciences and a MA, LLB, became a leading criminal lawyer. However, he made a marathon crusade for 50/50 speech in the state council. In a marathon speech, GGP made a notorious demand of 50-50% representation in governance on the 15th March 1939. Ie. 50% Sinhalese and 50% the rest.

Here any educated literate and or an intellectual, who has knowledge in democratic principles, will understand how democracy works. GGP with all his excellence, certificates from the UK, failed to understand the democratic principles. One will only presume that GGP has failed to acquire adequate appreciation of the theoretical and practical training with his studies in science, law etc. And that’s from the UK. How could a lawyer fail to understand the democratic principles?

This demand he made does not reveal whether his lack of appreciation in the theoretical and practical training he obtained did fail or he was instigated by an external influence to demand to stir up the SriLankan politics. Whatever it is, GGP should not have placed that demand. Further an excerpt is given below of GGP’s ignorance;

Publisher of the book, Dr. K. Indra Kumar makes the note below:

This is the highest degree of duplicity and folly.

Instead, GGP could have demanded a separate country for the Tamils, and if GGP loved the Burgers and Muslims he could have stated that Tamils will embrace the above two into their own separate land. Why did he not demand a separate state, but 50-50 representation? GGP with his educational knowledge and being domiciled in the North, knew very well, that Tamils cannot survive without the help of the resources of the Sinhala, which is human, natural, and production resources. It is a shame on the Tamils to play this fox cunning theme.

Naturally, the majority of a country will generate fear and threat to their survival and governance.

Then once he became a minister, he voted to disfranchise one million Indian Tamils. This is a pure indication of a confused mind of GGP and power hunger. The principles in his mind ended up with conflicts. What has his supporters to say now? If the Tamil politicians did not support the disfranchisement, then they should have taken it to the Privy Council, which they did not. Internally in their mind they wanted disfranchisement of the Indian Tamils.

On education and schools: The British always did practice, divide and rule, wherever they ruled. The Tamils sucked into the British to get what they wanted. The Sinhales did not suck into the British. However, who did get good education? All the elites from the Tamil community did get good education, whereas 100% of the low cast Tamils failed to get good education. After few years the British knew the main issues among the Tamils and allowed Tamils to get education. However, the education was limited.

Therefore it is not the Tamils or Sinhales who built good schools in the North and East. It is the British who built the schools in the N&E. The Sinhales failed here.

In 1949, SJVC floated his Federal Party and started his satyagraha and the disobedience campaign, and gave immense problem to the government.

In 1970, indirectly the Tamil Students Peravai started the arms struggle by floating Kuttimani & Thangathurai to take up arms. They were smugglers from Valvettiturai. Prabakaran was not seen in the armed environment until 1972, when he was demanded to show his capability by shooting someone. That's when Prabakaran shot Alfred Duraiyappa in 1974 to prove his capability. He was then absorbed into the Tamil New Tigers led by Uma Maheswaran. Subsequent to the Vaddukoddai resolution in 1976, TNT converged as LTTE under the leadership of Uma Maheswaran. Uma Maheswaran and Prabakaran exchanged shots in Pandi Bajar in 1981 to eliminate to grab leadership. Failure of Uma Maheswaran instigated him to float PLOTE.

Prabakaran was educated only up to 8th standard and did not complete his 9th grade. Therefore anyone states Prabakaran is genius, the writer has questions about the person’s competency in the topic and integrity.

Dr Mahipal S Rathore states in his video that Prabakaran was ideology driven, organised and disciplined, ran a shadow government etc. Well I can agree to some point only. He was not 100% ideology driven. Anton Balasingham educated him and several cadre of the LTTE. In some areas Prabakaran was disciplined etc., but to be ideology driven, he should have proved himself. To murder Hundreds and hundreds of people, politicians and particularly Rajiv Gandhi, non-one can say that he is ideology driven. If a group converges to be a terrorist group then the group is not led by an Ideologist. Prabakaran placed an order that no one in the LTTE cadre should marry. However, in 1974 he got married and that’s with love.

Prabakaran did not run a shadow government in Mullaitivu. He ran a terrorist outfit. He had to depend on SriLankan government on food, medical supplies and removed all assets belonging to the SL government in the North.

If the SriLankan government wanted to defeat the LTTE then they could have done without any difficulty. However, the then timid government who were slaves to the west were ordered not to. This gave the LTTE to boast and run a terrorist outfit. Who financed the LTTE? Do we think the Tamil Diaspora had that amount of resources to finance the LTTE to purchase planes and ships? Everyone knows who finance terrorists around the world.

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned the Tamil Nadu politicians used the SriLankan Tamil issues as a trump card for their politics. They can easily demand a separate country from India, which they are not prepared to. Why would they demand a separate country in SriLanka, knowing the scarcity of resources in the N&E? All internal and cunning politics.

It may appear to someone that someone may have prepared this video contents which Dr Mahipal Sing Rathore has uploaded onto YouTube.

It is a polite request that anyone who want to talk about the SriLankan issues, please do a bit of research before you conclude on your views. Because it may project an imprudent and irrational image on the Tamils of SriLanka.