16 March 2017

TAMILS OPEN YOUR EYES. What has happened to South Sudan will happen to Eelam

Kosovo was illegally created using lies to enable West to establish a NATO base. Today, people living in Kosovo are struggling to survive. Very few countries will deal with them. They have to beg to the very countries that supported their independence. South Sudan independence was also created with the involvement of the same players- foreign missions, UN officials and western NGOs. South Sudan got its independence in 2011 while Kosovo independence came in 2008. The comparisons between Kosovo, South Sudan & Sri Lanka are interesting and requires the Tamil community to realize how isolated and lost these newly independent ‘nations’ are. Tamils must seriously wonder at their own fate in falling prey to the manoeuvres to change the constitution and create an Eelam ‘independent nation’ and the consequences of that separation. Kosovo & South Sudan cannot reverse their fate but Tamils still can.  

Role of Western nations in all 3 conflicts – aligned to R2P objectives and the creation of micro-states. 
Kosovo’s KLA & Sri Lanka’s LTTE are both terrorists & narcotic smugglers.

§   KLA had targeted Serb policemen and other government employees just like LTTE. KLA, an Albanian paramilitary organization supported by NATO just like LTTE was initially sponsored and financed by India. The conflict was created for U.S., objectives in the Balkans while Sri Lanka’s conflict was to pass the pillow of Tamil Nadu separatism to Sri Lanka while also ensuring Sri Lanka remained destabilized.

§   Kosovo Liberation Army were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden – LTTE and other Tamil militant groups were initially trained by India.

§   Kosovars equalled Tamils and Sinhalese equalled Serbs. Serbs were portrayed as xenophobic fascists just like the Sinhalese were. KLA imported into Kosovo “mujahadeen” from throughout Eastern Europe. LTTE’s Tamilselvan in an interview said that LTTE comprised 33% Tamil Nadu Tamils.

§   Mainstream media was fairly ambiguous on the question of the NATO-KLA ties. CIA had provided the KLA with arms and training – just as media rarely makes comment on India-LTTE initial links or LTTE-Church links. KLA commander Agim Ceku had previous ties with the U.S. military just as LTTE”s deputy Mahaththaya was an Indian agent. Ceku was placed in command of the UN-backed “Kosovo Protection Force,”. After the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987, a ‘civilian force’ was being trained to assist Indian agent Varatharaja Perumal to replace LTTE since India had achieved its objective with the 13a constitutional change.

§   NATO treated the KLA as a legitimate representative of the Kosovar Albanians – just as the West is treating LTTE created TNA

Homeland myths

§   history of Kosovo stretches back to 1389. With time Albanians gradually replaced the migrating Serbian population. Ample evidence showcases Sinhala settlements in North Sri Lanka and how as a result of invasions from South India, Sinhalese populations migrated southwards. Ethnic Albanians constituted 85% of the Kosovo population by the late 1980s just as Tamils became the majority in North Sri Lanka. Many Serbs fled the province citing harassment by ethnic Albanians just as the Sinhalese in the North were chased out by LTTE in the 1980s.

§   KLA began hit-and-run attacks against Serb policemen and officials in early 1996 in hopes of abolishing “Serb colonization.” – copycat version of what the LTTE and Tamil racist leaders accuse Sinhalese of!

§   KLA began kidnapping and executing not only Serb officials and their families but suspected ethnic Albanian collaborators – LTTE started killing Tamils and even LTTE cadres not towing the line!

Genocide lies

§  A massive media campaign was initiated to project ‘genocide’ by Serbs. TNA continues to pass resolutions claiming genocide but they can’t explain how Tamil population has been statistically increasing! Eventually after all the lies - 2,100 bodies in gravesites, and these were not necessarily civilians in Kosovo but no apology for the lies. The Racak “massacre” ended up Albanian militants assembled together for the benefit of Western observers. The claims of over 40,000 dead in Sri Lanka even after 8 years comes without names or details of the dead not even any skeletons or mass graves!

Western involvement (only difference was that Sri Lanka escaped western bomb attacks)

§  The US & NATO was heavily involved in the balkanization of Yugoslavia as well as Sudan and Sri Lanka. 19 countries led by US bombed Serbia claiming to prevent a “humanitarian disaster in Kosovo," a “genocide of Kosovar Albanians“ caused by Milosevic who was taken to the Hague and accused of war crimes. 14 years later after his death he was declared innocent! http://www.sinhalanet.net/icty-takes-14-years-to-declare-milosevic-did-not-commit-war-crimes-validates-why-sri-lanka-must-refuse-any-war-crimes-tribunals Former US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice even headed the US delegation to the South Sudan independence!

o   Sudan has been the third largest recipient of its aid since 2005, behind only Iraq and Afghanistan. Oil is why West wanted to divide Sudan and keep it in eternal conflict so that they could establish bases and UN offices on the pretext of maintaining peace!

§  West wanted to tap into Kosovo’s mineral resources - Kosovo is home to “substantial deposits of lignite and non-ferrous metals. Sri Lanka’s North is also rich in minerals. While South Sudan’s oil is what tempts the West. The Trepca mines were occupied in 2000 by UN peacekeepers on the grounds that the mines posed an environmental hazard – so you can imagine whats in store for Tamils!

§  CIA encouraged former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters to launch a rebellion in southern Serbia in an effort to undermine the then Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic – we know the host of western & Indian players that had been instructing LTTE over the years.

§  NATO’s final pretext for war was the “failure” of negotiations with Yugoslavia to arrive at a solution or resolution over the conflicts in Kosovo – the West is using bogus & illegal UNHRC resolutions to push their agenda in Sri Lanka. Rambouillet Accord was unbelievable as a peace treaty - Chapter 7 gave legal immunity for NATO and NATO members. Article I proposed the immediate autonomy of Kosovo by way of independent legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. The Accord was an agreement to sign off Kosovo’s sovereignty. The drafter of that Accord sits in the Panel at the UNHRC drawing solutions for Sri Lanka and yes the proposal is for a new constitution on the same lines for Sri Lanka!

§  Western media and academics rushed to provide justification for a NATO attack just as how media and academics in the pocket of western payroll as well as NGOs are chanting similar slogans in Sri Lanka for a virtual separation of a small island.

Calls for Referendums
§   South Sudan’s independence followed a January referendum in which 98.8% voters voted to secede from Sudan. TNA is demanding same. Did the Sudanese like poverty stricken Tamils in North Sri Lanka even understand what a referendum was, what the question asked meant or were they just trained by western funded NGOs operating in these countries on behalf of the West?
Current scenario in Kosovo & South Sudan

Kosovo gained independence in 2008. More than 100,000 have migrated due to unbearable poverty. They wanted to take care of their own destiny and now 30% of the population are living in poverty, 10% of them in extreme poverty, living off less than one dollar per day. 5 EU countries do not even recognize its independence! When the EU has recently refused to remove LTTE from terror list, Tamils should seriously worry at their fate! 
US & UN gambled on close relations with Salva Kiir, he turned out to be an untrustworthy partner, eventual outcome was to send more troops to South Sudan. Will Wiggy or Sambanthan change similarly as we know both are heavily influenced by India? When India finally wakes up to reality that their plan to annex Sri Lanka riding on the Tamils will backfire as West will use the eelam card to balkanize India, Tamils will be at the receiving end but by that time they would have lost their Sinhalese friends have chosen to live in a separate nation.

Since independence in 2011, for example, South Sudan has allocated 38% of oil revenue to the military and security services, and only 10% to infrastructure and 7% to education. Now South Sudan even imports bulk of its food – agriculture has been virtually killed! Can Tamils sustain themselves within their small territory even in the eventuality that foreign support will not come?

South Sudan got independence in 2011. After just 2 years fighting erupted leaving 2million displaced and over 50,000 killed and 6 UN compounds created. The influx of returnee LTTE cadres and the discovery of arms and ammunition raises the question of a similar status quo in Sri Lanka’s North. Where do Tamils flee to if they form a separate state?
The Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), the father of independent South Sudan, failed to mature into the democratic government and professional army needed to lead the country. Will Wigneswaran with no political experience relying on instructions from India plus Tamils themselves divided by caste and now ideology be able to lead themselves! Most of those crying out for Eelam are either living permanently overseas or were just chanting eelam because they were paid to do so!
South Sudan that claimed to be able to look after its own affairs is in turmoil after 5 years of independence! Sexual violence and rape has increased and beckons to remind Sri Lankan Tamils that the current rapes in North are all attributed to Tamils raping Tamils and drug menace to open free flow of narcotics coming from India!

Today South Sudan is in the brink of a famine affecting 20million lives. All the nations that came to help independence are nowhere to be seen!

Civil war enables the West using UN to keep its foot in South Sudan and tap the oil and keep at bay China that is making investments in Africa.

Noteworthy too is that immediately after South Sudan independence – forces were confined to barracks, rebels freed, soldiers were replaced by unspecified ‘guard forces’, transitional government of national unity appointed, Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing appointed (taste of whats in store for Sri Lanka – some items already implemented)

These are serious realities for the Tamil community to take stock of. The Tamils in Sri Lanka must realize that the Tamil Diaspora living overseas will desert them. None of them are likely to make Eelam their home. TNA politicians are also puppets of anyone propping them to power. They do not have the interests of the Tamil people at heart. All these factors must now start weighing in the minds of the Tamils who live in Sri Lanka, for it is they who are likely to suffer just as the people of Kosovo and South Sudan are today suffering with no way of reversing the damage done.

Shenali D Waduge