21 June 2017

Dawatagaha mosque trustee must demand EU & Non-EU envoys to stop harassing & attacking Muslims in their countries

EU and non EU-envoys gathered at Dawatagaha mosque to humiliate and ridicule the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It was a melodrama by these envoys playing politics in internal affairs flouting diplomatic protocol. Be that as it may, these busy body envoys should spend a little more time looking at what is going on in their countries before trying to become wannabe politicians. If the Dawatagaha mosque that entertained these envoys are concerned about the plight of Muslims and were not playing politics themselves, these Trustees must now pay a visit to the embassies of these envoys and officially log a complaint against the large scale of attacks against Muslims taking place in their countries! These attacks are far more dangerous than the unsubstantiated attacks being claimed in Sri Lanka. Please note that the claims of attacks on religious places has been nullified by Cardinal Malcolm himself!

In UK following the London Bridge attacks there has been at least 54 reported attacks per day. There have been 141 hate crimes since Manchester attack in May.

There were 800 attacks against refugees in Germany alone. In 2016, 91 mosques had been attacked in Germany. In 2016, there had been 400 anti-Muslim hate crimes.

FBI reports hate crimes against Muslims surged by 67% in 2015 - 5,850 incidents in the US.

The Muslims in Sri Lanka must be thankful that they are not undergoing what fellow Muslims are undergoing in EU and non-EU countries.

However, we would like to caution the Muslims in Sri Lanka in particular political leaders and their stooges that riding on the hides of these foreign envoys (who are nothing but opportunistic political players) to use political pressure against Sri Lanka and win for themselves unfair demands and authenticate illegal incursions is very wrong and not done and politically detrimental to the national security of Sri Lanka. 

Please understand it is trained jihadists that are being transported all over the world claiming to be ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ who are starting all the trouble that begins conflicts that only result in death and mayhem to innocent people.

Muslims must themselves introspect and ask themselves why the whole world is virtually going against them. They cannot deny this either. It is now openly visible. There is no difference in Muslims living in the West or East. Are the issues against Muslims common across the world? Is there a valid basis to these allegations? If so what have the Muslims to say in response? Muslims cannot continue to say ‘we are the victims’ without taking some accountability. Muslims too have some questions to ask themselves and many of the answers are found in their actions, inactions and delayed actions.

As for the EU & Non-EU envoys they may have to chew their own words - “ensure no immunity for hate-crimes” these envoys told Sri Lanka and all we can say is look at your own backyards first! http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ensure-no-impunity-for-hate-crimes-EU-130055.html

Moreover, these countries in particular the UK that has been quick to slap travel advisories against Sri Lanka should be slapped a travel advisory themselves. Not only is the UK unsafe for Muslims it is unsafe for all tourists travelling to UK too and probably the same situation applies to all EU nations as well.
Shenali D Waduge