22 August 2017

“So You want our Vote” – First Agree to these Demands of Sinhala Buddhist voters

There are over 15million registered voters. Over 70% are Sinhala Buddhists. However, schemes and strategies have ensured the Sinhala Buddhist voters were split while other strategies have been used to prevent Sinhala politicians from voicing the concerns of the majority populace. Every country has a majority-minority populace – minorities cannot rule the majority. Checks and balances come in ensuring equality before the law. If laws are equal, then no citizen can complain of violations to their fundamental rights. Group demands are not fundamental rights. However, it has become fashionable to flog the ‘minorities are denied rights/discriminated’ card overlooking all that they actually enjoy over and above what the majority are in reality denied or neglected. Therefore, it is time for the Sinhala Buddhist voter, irrespective of the political party they are aligned to, to clearly make demands of the politicians who come to plead their vote. Do not fall for the silly reduction of bread, fuel, gas slogans. Insist on Sinhala Buddhist voters committing to some solid demands as part of their election manifesto and publicly commit to implementing them once in power.

Our Demands if you want Our Vote

1.      Publicly state that Sri Lanka is a predominantly Sinhala Buddhist country that will uphold that civilizational status constitutionally & legally but provide all rights for minorities.

2.      Secure the foremost status of Buddhism & foster it in Sri Lanka & internationally, while securing the right to freedom of religious practice for all other religions so long as these religions do not attempt to undermine the status of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The Buddha Sasana Ministry must carry our regular research and reports covering distortions by media/NGOs/others on Buddhists/Buddhism/Sri Lanka’s history/School curriculum etc

3.      Uphold unitary status of Sri Lanka – no division or separation of the island under any nomenclature.

4.      Denounce initiatives that seek to destabilize Sri Lanka

a.      Repeal of the 13th amendment – the provincial council system is a proven failure.
b.     No new constitution drafted by foreigners/NGOs & paid local agents
c.     Protecting Armed Forces from any foreign war crimes tribunals – any malpractices will be dealt in local military tribunals
d.     No land to be sold to foreigners & owned by foreigners & any transnational corporate endeavor must have minimum 60% control vested in the State with provision to nullify agreement if the other party has violated clauses.
e.     Legal experts to deal with & respond to all violations and illegalities by the UN/UNHRC related to the Resolutions against Sri Lanka
f.       Assurance that no foreign interference would be allowed in Judiciary, Public Sector, Education, Heritage sites, National assets, Strategic national areas to be protected.

5.      Uphold principle of ‘One law applicable to all’ – no two laws to be allowed (civil or criminal). No sub-laws per different religions to be entertained as such did not exist pre-colonial or even post-colonial

6.      Agree to declare Sinhala the ONLY Official Language in Sri Lanka, Tamil the Secondary Language and English the Link Language. Mandatory for all citizens to speak & write basic Sinhalese. State to facilitate teaching of Simple Sinhala to non-Sinhalese (local & foreign)

7.      Declare that every citizen of Sri Lanka has equal land rights & ownership in any part of Sri Lanka and no personal laws can deny or obstruct the right of a citizen to purchase land & live wherever he/she so pleases. Politicians wanting the Sinhala Buddhist vote must publicly declare that there is no Tamil land or Muslim land in Sri Lanka. Every person is entitled to live & purchase land in any part of Sri Lanka.

8.      Prevent ethno-religious ghettos by following an ethnic ratio representation at all levels of Government – Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Public service etc to maintain the majority demographic ratio. Allocation of housing/land based on same ethnic ratio formula (70-30 representation)

9.      Declare special regulations for dual citizens/citizens marrying foreigners to ensure land ownership does not fall into hands of foreigners. Land in Sri Lanka must belong ONLY to citizens.

10.  Secure the majority Sinhala Buddhist demography by implementing measures as being adopted by other countries – banning polygamy, one national law for all applicable to all equally.

11.  Declare Buddhist heritage sites as National Heritage Sites giving State protection & funds for preservation. There is no joint-heritage as no other religion has evidence to claim to have existed prior to 2600 Buddhist history.

12.  Agree to take action against extremists/extremism – moratorium on construction on new places of religious worship via foreign funds, introduce anti-conversion bill, implement 6th amendment of Sri Lanka’s constitution against anyone indulging in acts of terror or assisting terror

13.  Agree to bring constitutional provisions forbidding political parties (elected for only a term of office) to barter heritage sites, space and historically sacred areas for petty political/commercial gain.

14.  Assure action against illegal immigrants & ensure they are returned to their place of origin. If necessary DNA tests must be done to confirm South Indian illegal immigrants are not living in Sri Lanka enjoying rights of Sri Lankan citizens

15.  Remove provision for ethnic-based political parties from contesting elections. Communal politics cannot be allowed. There cannot be reconciliation where there are communal parties creating ethno-religious tensions

16.  Assure that no food/beverages will be labelled in Sri Lanka to the religious preference of one minority ethno-religious community where it has become a business enterprise for this group to collect parallel taxes for the certification!

17.  Assure to give National History is given a prominent place in State Education with a panel of patriotic educators/historians proud of heritage tasked to write the syllabus relevant to public, private, semi-government & international schools. International Schools to be brought under the purview of the Ministry of Education and not function as a private business as presently happening.

18.  Assure that the Sri Lanka Foreign Service & Public Service are briefed on Sri Lanka’s pre-colonial/post-colonial history and the staff know the real patriots/heroes of Sri Lanka not pseudo heroes created by foreign invaders.

19.  Agree to promote a compassionate Sri Lanka – right livelihood to sustainable development, principle of Ahimsa needed in a society that is today valueless and in much need of compassion for all living beings including animals. The State is bound to uplift the lives of people and bring them towards a humane and compassionate lifestyle.

20.  Propose to initiate state programs that would bring communities together to look after animals, nurture sustainable development, grow more trees/flora & fauna, make Sri Lanka eco-friendly, have State structures to ensure factories and businesses adhere to proper environment protection guidelines,

There are some factors that Sinhala politicians need to take serious stock of. While as politicians, they are leaders of all citizens, they must also ensure that they protect the rights of the Sinhalese who is the only ethnic/racial group found in Sri Lanka. This is nothing anyone can object to as the 50 majority Muslim nations automatically stand on behalf of the Muslims in Sri Lanka, while India jumps to the rescue of the Tamils in Sri Lanka while the West/Vatican influence the Christian/Catholic voters.

It is also important that the Sinhala politicians realize that modern imperialism uses the UN & foreign diplomacy to tie countries to various initiatives to denationalize people and remove their sense of patriotism/nationalism to defend their land of birth. The slogans of multiculturalism is applicable to countries that were created and developed by immigrants who were enticed to come and work/live on foreign shores. The multi-faith initiatives are really to distance people from valuing philosophies like Buddhism that faith-based religions find difficult to counter & destroy as these teaching are scientifically proven and not based on myths. Shared values are simply programs that seek to again distance and totally confuse children from following Buddhism the base with which a child develops the core of his/her thinking. For all this the Wahhabis use $87billion and faith-based religions use $170billion to promote only their faiths.

The Sinhala politicians have taken the majority for a ride since independence. We should refuse to be fooled again. Put aside political parties and realize that the Sinhalese race/ethnic group is found only in Sri Lanka and needs to be preserved. It is the duty of the politicians who come on our vote to protect and preserve our history and heritage.

No one should feel offended or complain about Sinhalese wanting to protect & preserve their history & heritage.

Shenali D Waduge