19 December 2017

Imperfections, & Drawbacks in the practice
in Politics by the SriLankan Politicians
Kanthar Balanathan
DipEE(UK), GradCert(Rel Eng-Monash), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), CEng., MIEE


SriLanka received independence on the 4th February 1948. The country was still under the British throne up to the 22nd May 1972, when the country achieved full independence. However, we still celebrate the 4th of February as the day of independence. SL spends millions of dollars all over the world to celebrate 4th February as the Independence Day. However, GOSL does not believe when the country received full sovereignty. This has been a fundamental flaw of our people and the politicians. Let’s see how Britannica defines Sovereignty: Quote; -

“Sovereignty, in political theory, the ultimate overseer, or authority, in the decision-making process of the state and in the maintenance of order”.

In 1969, Kodeeswaran appealed to the Privy Council and won the case. This is a simple example of the absence of autonomy and authority of the SL state.

The question is: Are we still a sovereign state, making our own decisions?

Voters elect a wider cross-section of the candidates with lack or no education. Most SriLankan see attorneys are the best choice for governance. Attorneys have a tapered understanding and vision of economics, technology, and social sciences. In the North and Eastern sector, it's worse. People have a mindset that only Attorneys can be politicians. Since the 4th February 1948, Tamil politicians have made the N&E, a racial, xenophobic, infantile, immature province. Who are these politicians? Mostly or all of them are Attorneys from the Tamil sector. Remember, we are in the 21st century with popular multi-skilling functions.

The only ideology for these Law qualified politicians is to propagate Tamil Eelam racial slogan along with the caste oppressive motto. They were not interested in developing the North or East. They knew that propagating the Tamil Eelam and the caste differential equation will keep them in politics. In the recent times, the Tamil politicians are said to be following Tamil Nadu politics.

In the Southern sector, people’s mindset was that only naiks, wardenes, and Singhes, with the exception of Premadasa and Sirisena, are fit to govern.

G. G. Ponnambalam (GGP) created the chaos by demanding 50/50, with lack of perception of how he will apportion the balance 50% between, Tamils, Burgers, and Muslims. SJVC started his motto of Federalism. At Least GGP was responsible for the Cement, Chemical, and Paper mill in the North and the East. That was all. The rest of the period our famous Tamil politicians were claiming for Federalism and Separatism, to hold onto power. That is the only manifesto that will keep them elected.  The big question is: What have they done to the region? Any development?

It is the fault of the imbecilic people who voted for them. Finally, every SriLankan should accept that most of the people who vote in the N&E are half-baked illiterates and imbecile.

How about now? With the NPC created, stooges elected, and with former CJ in the chair. What have they done? Any development? Now their dreams and roar are for police and land power. Apart from enjoying their three courses of meals per day, free travel, etc., what has the Chief Minister done so far? CVW would dare to know where Amban, Sangarathai is. It is of the opinion that CVW should retire and go into age care than in politics, as he is one who is messing up with his two fingers shown vertically up in the air most of the times calling for either Federalism or Tamilealam.

Every self-centered selfish Tamil politician has a deep-rooted gluttony of being elected and their kith and kin being in politics. One Tamil politician was quite adamant demanding a Minister post for his brother within NPC. Do these politicians come to serve the people in their electorate or look after their kith and kin? Once elected their objective and mission is to earn and collect adequate funds for the next election. Current financial politics is their political parties have branches opened in foreign countries for fund buildups.

Government allocates funds to each of the MPs to be spent in their electorates. Where does the money go? If so, has any NPC Councilor spent any money on development to the people of Araly North & Kulani? With an exception of NPC Councilor Sinnathurai Thavarajah.

Let’s consider each of the Tamil political party:

1.     TNA- Tamilealam National Army in the name of Tamil National Alliance, fooling people. Most in the Tamil populace do not understand TNA’s deceitfulness and unscrupulousness. What has Sambanthar achieved as a Leader of Opposition, apart him having the Luxury of Cars, house, servants, expensive three-course meals a day? Once a while he gets up from sleep and shouts HR violation, war crimes, missing persons etc. Its recommended that the elderly politicians retire and hand over to politicians with expertise like MA Sumanthiran etc.
2.     The wife of a former terrorist Ananthi is now silent after overloading her with a complicated portfolio which confused her and does not understand what her responsibilities are.
3.     Some politicians in the PLOTE sector are like Mr. Bean, the comedian, and characteristics like a crane. (ஓடு மீன் ஓட உறுமீன் வருமளவும் வாடி இருக்குமாம் கொக்கு. Meaning a crane waiting all full day to peck on the right fish). They reveal a weak muscle in politics with lack of understanding in political science. Their families, maybe, from the elite group, based on caste status pushed them into politics. Suddenly people appeared to be the PLOTE politicians, demanding for three sabas. The military has found weapons belonging to the house of PLOTE. Ref; http://www.jvpnews.com/srilanka/04/154120
4.      EPRLF is considered the confused party, with an ulterior motive to be holding portfolios and fund collection. EPRLF has two factions. Both are extreme terrorist fronts in the past, who committed murders.
5.     TELO is another terrorist front imitating to be on the democratic front.
6.     TULF is another group with an old leader struggling to come to the front, however, they can never come up.
7.     Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam is a character who has a law degree, however, we can ask a question: What have you offered to the people in the N&E. With due respect, Mr. GGP, have you any knowledge of social sciences, history, and economics, apart from owning a multi-million-dollar business? What is the answer to a question put forward by people? What is the root cause of the Tamil problem?
On the whole, if we analyze, most or all of the Tamil political parties are former terrorist fronts pretending to be democratic leaders. Can we believe them? NO. All still propagate separatism.

Current politics in the North and East is demanding seats for the individual arms of the TNA. A discarded party called TULF is trying to emerge into politics. However, from past knowledge and experience of the TULF and the leader, people do not recognize them as a viable political party. Formation of new Congress, Council, Alliance etc. is the trend in Tamil Politics. It reflects the intelligence of the people who portray their political inability.
Government servants and employees have a ceiling on their working life. They can go on extension till they are 60 years. However, the government regulation does not place a ceiling for politicians. In the 21st century, dementia is more common over the age of 65, but it can also affect younger people. The illness can begin when people are in their 40s or 50s. However, SriLanka allows politicians over the age of 65 to enter politics. This may pose a threat to the citizens and economy of the country. Any new entrant to the public service has to undergo a medical examination. What about the politicians? Does the government feel that any politician is fit to enter politics? Do not they need a medical examination?  Some of the candidates are mentally unstable and may not be fit. Should the government proscribe for medical examination of political candidates, especially for mental stability?

Recently one candidate assaulted another candidate in Jaffna.

It is recommended that government bring in the ceiling on age for politicians. The 21st century has generated people with Neurodegenerative disorders. This causes problems with how people move, feel, behave or think. Sickness like Alzheimer’s disease – a form of dementia, Motor neuron disease, and Huntington’s disease. Recent information is that MPs go for medical treatment overseas spending public funds. Hence retired MPs could go into an aged care rather going to parliament. Their pension could be supplemented with additional funds for them to go into aged care after 65. That will save the country’s economic status, social condition, technology etc. from these politicians.

The politicians are polluting the minds of the youngsters and congenitally imbecilic people to fight for separatism. They do not preach economics, development, technological advancement, sole trading technical business (microenterprises) etc.

The recent trend is warfare with swords. This project the mental state of youngsters in the North. Talking to any Tamil, they reply that it is the Army that is organizing the sword gang in the North. That’s the biggest foolish statement of those Tamils. Knowing the North for practicing terrorism, theft, smuggling and killing in the past for 39 years, the trend for Tamil youth for easy fund generation is organizing a sword gang. Why are the Tamil politicians silent on this? Has CVW made any statement?

We Tamils do not believe in interaction, diplomacy, and negotiation, but only embrace violence & physical fights. All Tamil political parties have a deep-rooted racism and xenophobic belief in their mind.

Vellupillai Prabhakaran is the symbol of violence, racism, and terrorism.

It could be said that Sinnadurai Thavarajah Hon Leader of Opposition (LOP), Douglas Devananda and some youth are helping the people in the North. Hon LOP-NPC is seen to be engaged with a significant amount of help to the people in need. Who is the NPC councilor for Araly North and Kulani? What has the person done so far?

SriLanka is a small country with limited resources and struggling to survive with massive corruption at every level. SriLanka, economically cannot be a Federal State or Two States. It is one Nation, One State and all are Sri Lankans.

“It seems the Frogs are unable to come out of the well with old maniacs in politics”.

December 2017