09 March 2018

Hate Crimes against Muslims in the West  

They say the white man speaks with a forked tongue. The double speak & hypocrisy is seen clearly in the manner the West preaches to the rest of the world while doing the exact opposite by policy. The statistics by West speak for themselves.

At times Western nations partner with political Islam when it suits their agenda while at other times the West bombs Islamic nations to the stone age. The Muslim world have yet to understand the real politik of the plot or are they addressing this by covert means. Today, many abandoned Christian churches in the West are now mosques. Rich Muslim businesses are purchasing key Western cities and influencing Western policy makers and driving the whites out of the city to more rural & quieter surroundings. The whites are feeling isolated in their own land. These are undoubtedly angering the ordinary white citizens and their reactions have got lukewarm attention by white policy makers.

It is no secret that CIA & Pentagon are linked & supporting Islamic terrorist groups while the Western media loves to denigrate Muslims when it pleases their agenda & then empathize with Muslims when it suits their global expansionist agenda too. Muslims are a favored battering ram.

Muslim population
France – 6.2m (9.6% of total population)
US – 3.45m (1.1% of total population)
UK – 2.7m (4.4% of total population)
Germany – 4m (5% of total population)
Canada – 1m (3.2% of total population)
Australia - 604,200 (2.6% of total population)

Muslims are unaware how far West influences Madrassas & Mullahs that turn Muslims into radicals en route to doing exactly what the West wants, to fill their war chests and generate dollars through sale of manufactured arms & ammunition for every conflict that are ‘created’. If Islamic countries are not manufacturing arms, how is it that Islamic terrorists are armed? Who is supplying the arms to them?

The intellectual Muslims have failed to rise and educate their people not to fall prey. The Muslim youth have become guinea pigs of the West’s geopolitical agendas and they have not cared that these brainwashed men let loose around the world are causing mayhem.

What are the ‘irritants’ against Muslims claimed by people of the West?

Political correctness and fear of being called ‘racists’ curb people expressing their sentiments but a good analysis of comments by people in the West pinpoint these irritants to be – questioning the demand for sudden halal food labels (a demand that never existed before), open animal sacrifice (a ritual the West feels belongs to stone age), loud speakers at mosques, mosques & madrassas mushrooming in residential areas especially close to other religious sites, new dress code of all black worn by women and children and the new dress by males which many whites feel is not showing any respect for the indigenous culture and are intentionally self-segregating from society while Muslims are complaining that the whites are not making Muslims feel welcome…

Countering these arguments, the Muslims claim they have a right to continue their identity and the response of the whites to this is that then they should remain in Muslim majority nations without departing to Western nations where the value systems are stark opposite to which they came from. Many whites are of the view that it is unfair to demand that Muslims are allowed to live as they like in Western states when the whites going to Muslim majority states have to abide by Islamic rules & customs. The argument of the whites in the West is that Muslims hold up Western secular liberal rights and freedom cards when in the West while when white people go to Muslim majority nations they cannot even put up religious structures, hold their religious prayers, carry their religious symbols or have religious events without the hassle of getting approvals which most often is refused. Many whites feel Muslims are unfairly making use of the freedoms in liberal democratic societies while not insisting that non-Muslims be given the same rights in Muslim majority countries.

So whose side are we to take? Whose side is the UN, global media or human rights organizations taking and why?

US & Western policy is “we can commit crimes’ you cannot “we can be racist, you cannot” “we can discriminate, you cannot”. What a policy! But who can do anything about it or against it? None,

·      Human Rights Watch - Hate Crimes Against Muslims in US Continue to Rise in 2016
·      in 2017, a mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned to the ground
·      481 crimes reported against Muslims in 2001
·      FBI data show that in 2015 there were 257 hate crimes against Muslims
·      Crimes against Muslims now account for 4.4 percent of all reported hate crime even though Muslims are estimated to be only 1 percent of the population.
·      From 2002 to 2014, the number of respondents who stated that Islam was more likely to encourage violence doubled from 25 percent to 50 percent, according to Pew research.

How many countries in the Islamic world has the U.S. bombed or occupied since 1980? 14

1.        Iran (1980, 1987-1988),
2.        Libya (1981, 1986, 1989, 2011),
3.        Lebanon (1983),
4.        Kuwait (1991),
5.        Iraq (1991-2011, 2014-),
6.        Somalia (1992-1993, 2007-),
7.        Bosnia (1995),
8.        Saudi Arabia (1991, 1996),
9.        Afghanistan (1998, 2001-),
10.    Sudan (1998),
11.    Kosovo (1999),
12.    Yemen (2000, 2002-),
13.    Pakistan (2004-) and now
14.    Syria.

U.S. Dropped 26,171 Bombs on 7 Muslim-Majority Countries in 2016 over 12,000 on Syria alone
(and this is the country telling Sri Lanka to be tolerant of minorities!) https://www.alternet.org/grayzone-project/us-dropped-26171-bombs-7-muslim-countries-2016

In UK & EU the situation is no different.
·      We are well aware of how the UK destroyed 700 mosques.
·      Half of all mosques in the UK have been attacked since 9/11
·      Since London Bridge attacks there have been anti-Muslim attacks reported 54 a day and includes abusive calls and verbal attacks in public
·      Tell Mama said it recorded 141 hate crime incidents after the Manchester attack
·      Muslim hate crime 'rises 65% in London' (2014)
·      Anti-Muslim hate crimes in London soared by 40% (2017)

·      2017 - 950 attacks on Muslims recorded in Germany

It is not only in the US, UK & EU, in Canadian anti-Muslim sentiment is rising, disturbing new poll reveals – http://www.macleans.ca/politics/land-of-intolerance

In Europe too, the European Court of Human Rights has upheld a full ban on face veils citing national security concerns. Had the same been attempted in Sri Lanka the EU, US & UK Governments and even the UN may draft a fresh resolution against Sri Lanka.

The present Government, brought in through regime change is learning from their masters. The West has an uncanny way to create a problem then use that to justify strict legislation that is in reality meant to curb the rights of the people and gag them opposing the Government. As everyone can see when the public started claiming Government links to the tensions across Sri Lanka, even the Muslims blamed the Government & the police, the response by the Sri Lankan Government was to freeze all social media claiming it was taking action against the spread of racial tensions. This was far from the truth! So there are hate laws to curb hate crimes but what if the hate crimes are being committed by the very party that is making the hate laws?

Since 2000 there have been over 200 school shootings with over 400 people killed? So what has the US done about this? Has the UN sent envoys each time a man with a gun goes on a shooting spree? The media generally ends up diagnosing the shooter as being mentally ill and case is closed.

The US, UK, Canada, Australia & EU calling for swift action on hate crimes are asked – what have your governments done about hate crimes happening on a daily basis in your Western societies? NOTHING

The mainstream media and the human rights organizations both of which are in the pockets of and controlled and influenced by the West are silent on the crimes of the West and reluctant to expose the links as well as debate on the mischief being created to push different agendas. The silence of media and human rights organizations and their action against selected countries completely dispels their credibility and people should revert to alternate media to believe what is going on around the world if they wish to know the truth or be ready to digest nothing but lies and distortions of mainstream media. In their reporting of the current Sri Lanka situation, the mainstream media has gone overboard and highlights a completely unethical & biased coverage full of hatred and peddling ulterior agendas.

Shenali D Waduge