07 March 2018

Mind, Science, Intelligence & Perception

Kanthar P Balanathan

I rummaged through my library, and I found this folder that had my collection of articles on, “The Mind”, which I collected since the 1980s and my brother’s book on Biology. I always wanted to treasure these collections as they are of value to transpire the true nature of myself and humans in general.

I made notes during my visit to my Brother’s research laboratory at his University. My late brother who was a Professor explained one of his research experiments on the brain activities in a moth, with an electrode dipped into its brain cell. The moth responded distinctively to green colour than to other colours, and the response was clearly seen on a computer with waveforms. This is when my mind unfolded an appetence to enhance my knowledge of, the human brain, mind, neurophysiology, mechanistic and non-mechanistic science, and consciousness.

I believe that I demonstrate my true nature based on the intelligence and perception of my neural network. The differentials in thoughts and the like are due to the differential knowledge, which humans inherit genetically, intellectually, socially, and culturally. My contention is, “Knowledge is power”, and high intellectual level is attained by perceiving via self-motivated creative thinking and understanding of pure reasoning.

The human body is a biological machine consisting of five sensory systems plus the sixth sense known as the “Perception”. The biological machine is manipulated physically and intellectually by the human brain. Intelligence is defined as “understanding with pure reasoning”. Eye vision is able to identify objects. The scientific elucidation of “light” is that they are visible waves of the “electromagnetic spectrum”. My belief and knowledge of the functions of the five plus one senses unravelled the truth of, “who am I and how I should live”.

I believe that neuron has to be the starting point referred to as the building block of the brain. Inputs to the brain through the five senses can only be interrogated or compared if there are set reference values. I was able to fortify this by reasoning out the differentials in language, culture, and behaviour of different groups. My apprehension on the transformation of scientific thoughts into philosophical thoughts to reach recent primitive humans made a clear way to digest the philosophical writings of leading writers. Although the primitive people had the sixth sense, the primitives were not able to trigger the process of “thoughts” and “reasoning” in the Stone Age.

In our day to day life, conflict among people seems to be a fact of life. Individuals with different people have different goals which result in conflict or dispute. The existence of conflicts or disputes is not a bad thing or harmful as long as it is resolved effectively. The effective result of resolution can lead to personal and professional growth. My belief in understanding with pure reasoning plays a pre-eminent function in the process.

It was a challenge to me to apprehend the human neural system and how I had been able to live like a one-eyed king in the land of the emotional blind. The day I left the land of the blind, I was able to realise who I am and how I should live in the scientific world.