17 April 2018

Stop All  efforts of  reconciliation  with Tamils immediately.

By Charles .S.Perera

He is gone……!!!
President Maithripala Sirisena is gone after giving 683  acres of land back to Tamils  to honour  the reconciliation demands of the CHOGM leaders, who will now receive him as a real democrat who is prepared to sacrifice any thing to be received and hugged by Theresa May and other White  Leaders of the white Commonwealth, and be allowed to shake in addition the gloveless hands of the Queen.
President Sirisena is completely duped by the Western White leaders and he will never rid himself of his Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe who is really the pet of the West, who introduced  Maithripala Sirisena into the USA and Western white political circle. Thanks to PM Ranil Wickramasinghe he can even have tea with the Queen at Buckingham  Palace ,which he at last found in UK, and not in New York as he had thought before.
There was a time when this  circle of White Western leaders including  the then Black USA President, received Colonel Gaddafi of Libya and even allowed him to put his arm round their necks, but laughed behind him and finally allowed him to be murdered by his own men. So beware President Maithripala Sirisena you never know what you can expect from the West.
However, it is imperative that this comedy of reconciliation is put to an immediately. It was Ranil who got his then Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera to meet the Christian  Emmanuelle of  the Global  Tamil  Forums and other Tamil Diaspora Representatives without  informing the Parliament or the President to talk on equal terms about the Yahapalanaya reconciliation plan.
As a result of it, Sirisena Ranil Yahapalanaya planned the writing of  a New Constitution in consultation with the Tamil Diaspora , the  USA Ambassador Athul Keshup, and India. They also removed  several important Military Camps from the North and the East. They allowed the National Anthem to be sung in Tamil, and released thousands of acres of land taken over by the Armed Forces  for security purposes.
But all these have been done in the name of reconciliation with Tamil but the Tamils in return ask for  more and has not given anything in return for the all efforts of this Stupid Yahaplanaya Government’s  concessions to Tamil, which if not stopped now would eventually end up with a Federal Constitution and a Tamil only Provinces in the North and East.
While the Government continues to meet the demands of the TNA, the West and the Tamil Diaspora, the CM Wigneswaran of the Northern Provincial Council complains that  the Sri Lanka Government has not done anything effective to oust the Sinhalese who have illegally occupied  the lands and houses of  the Tamils ever since they fled the Island following ethnic crisis. These appears to be  absolute lies as no mention of such illegal occupations had been reported , nor have a large number of Sinhala families chased away by the terrorists have been allowed to go back to the  lands they were forced to abandon.
North Provincial Councillor T Raviharan organised protests in front of the Mullaitivu  Distict Secretariat on the 10th April,2018,  to oppose the settlement of outsiders.  The Tamils raised objections in December, 2017,  against holding funeral rights of the late Gnanananda Thero the Chief Prelate of the Nagavihara in Jaffna.
The Tamil politicians  protest against the construction of  Sambodhi Vihara in Mullaithivu by venerable Tissapura Gunarathana thero.  They call him an extremist Buddhist Monk.  Building Buddhsit temples in the North and East the Tamils say negates reconciliation. Sumanthiran and TNA want a secular constitution to Sri Lanka removing from it the special place given to the protection of Buddhism.
Are these protests against Buddhsism which is the very life blood of the Sinhala Buddhist a show of gratitude of the Tamils for having given into their demands to promote reconciliation ?
Is there any one single thing the Tamils have done by way of reconciliation with the Sinhala people ?
Is there any reason why Sri Lanka should listen to the UK Government  or the Canadian government the Ministers of which attend extremist Tamil Functions and support their demand for an Eelam in Sri Lanka ?
It is time for Sri Lanka to stop further reconciliation efforts with the Tamils, until the Tamil politicians stop their baseless demands for devolution of power  in their search for reconciliation.
The government of Sri Lanka should, instead of handing over acres and acres of land back to Tamils, resettle the Sinhala people who were forced away from their lands by the terrorists. If their lands have been occupied by Tamils , they should be given  new lands and stop the Tamil politicians in the North and East harass them continuously once they have been settled down.
The Sri Lanka Armed Force should also be informed that they have no right of its own to hand over land to Tamils without  obtaining prior permission from the Parliament.
Enough is enough the Yahaplanaya Government has lost the confidence of the people and they cannot con  as nothing has had happened in the  country out side the Parliament after the No Confidence motion against the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe was lost in Parliament.

The Parliament consists only of 225 persons and all of them do not to a great extent after their election three years back retain the confidence of the people who elected them.