22 May 2018

HNB Kilinochchi Branch – Commemorating proscribed LTTE during office hours!

The social media relayed 2 horrifying photos of the staff of HNB Branch Kilinochchi commemorating dead LTTE terrorists. Candles were lit in front of an image that had printed Remembering the Tamil Genocide” May 18 War Crimes Day” this comes in the backdrop of a meek & ineffective government allowing the commemoration of a banned terrorist group publicly & even inside the state run Jaffna university. It therefore comes as no surprise when a leading bank in which the Sri Lankan state also has shares is actually commemorating the LTTE during office hours!

The action being taken by the HNB top management against the Manager & the staff is one in which the public will no doubt be watching.

Many have openly stated that the most likely outcome is that the staff member who released the photos will end up the victim & the manager may get a promotion or transfer. Such is the outcome of justice nowadays. If such does happen, it seriously should make depositors to re-evaluate whether they can faith in such a bank. The bank is duty-bound to publicize its findings & issue a public statement in this regard.

Let us not forget, the LTTE started out in the early 1980s by robbing banks. The LTTE is renowned for its ability to gather information on people, their assets & they have in the past kidnapped & sought ransom.

LTTE extortion is rampant in the West in countries like UK, Canada, France & even US where Tamil people are intimidated to monthly donate to the LTTE kitty, those that do not donate, have ended up dead or physically injured.

Anyone doubting this or challenging this may first like to go through Human Rights Watch report

In Canada according to the Globe & Mail paper Tamils have to pay $10,000 while Tamil entrepreneurs pay $100,000 each.

We can also recall LTTE had its own Tamileelam bank!

The knowledge of who has how much comes in handy for LTTE to make such demands. This is where the general public must take the commemoration of the LTTE dead inside a leading bank seriously. We have to seriously now wonder how much of banking information is being leaked to external forces of customer accounts by these banking staff.

In UK one Arunesh Thangarajah, 28, has been stabbed to death. When MP Siobhain McDonagh a long time LTTE sympathizer issues a statement on this we have to wonder at the LTTE connections!
France is no different – Tamil Tiger Mafia, a major threat to French society http://asiantribune.com/node/12064
Crimes by Jaffna Tamil Boys in UK

If people can commemorate a banned terrorist organization during office hours – what else can they be not capable of doing! People’s minds are certainly working.

Customers cannot be faulted for having fears of their confidential banking information being leaked to terror sources & even others as a result of this action.

That the Manager has been bold enough to arrange the commemoration for LTTE preparing candles & printing posters while some statement has been read out as can be seen in the photo relayed has more questions than answers. HNB must provide customers & the public answers.

For a Manager to have the guts to actually arrange something of this nature is beyond comprehension – even the security guard is taking part as can be seen from the photo. What is also alarming is that this would have been planned some days in advance, if so why did no one in the staff inform the head office or make an official complaint against it or was such a complaint made & was it ignored. Were there similar commemorations in any of the other 251 HNB branches – the questions are certainly piling.

These are no exaggerations and people commenting on the photo & voicing their views & objections cannot be faulted.

HNB management not only has to take immediate action but they must tender a public apology in particular to all depositors & anyone dealing with HNB who are fast losing confidence in the bank & issue a statement to the effect that May 18 is NO WAR CRIMES DAY, It is NO TAMIL GENOCIDE DAY.

If a bank cannot light a single candle for the soldiers that defeated a terrorist movement, saved close to 300,000 Tamils then they most certainly cannot be allowed to commemorate the LTTE movement that killed thousands of innocent people over 30 years.

If anyone wants to mourn even a terrorist they have all the freedom to do so privately inside their own homes without public display and this is why we are against the commemorations being held openly which are pretending to claim it is to mourn innocent civilians but in reality it is the LTTE dead because LTTE families are taking part, LTTE insignia are being used – LTTE flags, LTTE emblems etc which completely nullifies their claim.

In all probability these LTTE families given that they are from low caste & poor homes must be taking part in these commemorations having being promised some remuneration for appearing for these public tamashas to make political pressure on a very weak, meek & spineless government. Apart from a few hundred present, we do not see thousands representing the supposed to be killed 40,000!

There is no doubt that innocent Tamils were roped into becoming LTTE cadres. It is also true that the majority of Tamils who are now living abroad did so riding on the discrimination tag & wish to have some sort of trouble continuing in order to obtain their refugee status etc. Invariably these LTTErs become the pawns for a selfish game & sadly they are being used by their own people. All LTTE cadres were low caste & from poor families. How many of those who are now enjoying life & holding foreign passports are actually looking after at least one LTTE family except to fund annual tamashas with another agenda in mind?

What are the connections to the LTTE of this Kilinochchi bank manager & the rest of the staff. LTTE being proscribed the State must also conduct its own investigations!
Picture Courtesy – Social Media Sources

HNB is incorporated as a Public Limited Company. Taking over from Rienzie Arseculeratne as Chairman HNB is Dinesh Weerakkody, the Advisor to the PM & son-in-law of Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga.

Shenali D Waduge