10 May 2018

What are the regime change operators in Sri Lanka up to?

No one can deny that regime change took place in January 2015. The West generally dethrones strong leaders & replaces with appeasing puppets. Regime change in Sri Lanka proved Rajapakse was a strong leader & West’s alternative choice to be appeasing puppets. That a different mode of regime change was adopted having attempted to create various Sri Lanka Springs was seen by the manner a Buddhist monk was chosen to spearhead the anti-Rajapakse election defeat. Today Maduluwawa Sobitha is no more to witness the damage he has done. That damage is nowhere near the rising anti-Sri Lanka programs now being rolled out. Do people realize how far Sri Lanka’s sovereignty is declining? Can an election reverse, alter or negate these dramatic changes and who can save Sri Lanka and who are being used as decoys to prevent it are questions we need to now ponder.

The statement of President Obama said In this region, India can play a positive role in helping countries forge a better future, from Burma to Sri Lanka, where today there’s new hope for democracy.” Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice We’ll help countries in transition—like Burma, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka” and immediate arrivals of Tom Malinowski, US Asst Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights & Labor & US Secretary of State John Kerry sufficed as evidence of regime change.

A bevy of locals, MPs in the Rajapakse government, UNP, JVP, TNA, Left parties, media, lawyers, academics, 50 civil society organizations were roped in to defeat Rajapakse. Rajapakse claimed some $650m was spent to oust him. The PR campaigns promised a democratic country with rule of law, rights for all, independence of the judiciary, development & economy benefitting all, no wastage of public funds, no cronies, no kick-backs, no excessive borrowings, no bloating of public service, freedom of speech and freedom after speech, no one shot dead in the night or abducted. One Don Manu a regular columnist claims the PM has the strength of 10 of the whole of Parliament put together because his conscience is pure’. That’s not what the voters at the local government elections thought 3 years after the government was forced to hold an election!

Other give away was the 100 day program while the 19th amendment was simply a means of creating a bogus national government to absorb all the kangaroos to prevent an opposition while it secured the necessary 2/3 majority to pass controversial constitutionally questionable Bills in Parliament! The funds to maintain a jumbo government came after the Central Bank was brought under the PM who appointed his friend a non-Sri Lankan citizen as Governor & enabled 2 bond scams to raise money.

Note the areas that have been lined up for change – the police are taught Buddhism by a Catholic priest, the armed forces, the public sector, profit-making state institutes, education system, Buddhism & related centres, media, legal fraternity, health, transport & trade, lands & resources. Every area that citizens can generate self-power or self-sustainability is being targeted for destruction subtly without notice & being crippled or placed under supervision of local stooges or sold to foreign concerns. Now the US marines land conversing in Sinhala and singing songs in Sinhala. The only army to have defeated a terrorist movement is now being trained by armies that create terrorist movements!

Phone calls of Senior DIGs are being tapped, military have lost their arms & ammunition capability, sensitive and strategic areas are being slowly turned into foreign investment zones making it out of bounds to locals. Minor demonstrations & protests are staged to test the water for future bigger false flags. Nationalist voices are being watched & monitored. Social media inspite of Western trained local puppets have not being able to promote yahapalana as they did to win the 2015 elections.

A new troika is emerging – UNP-JVP & TNA. They will be spearheading all future elections together and passing Bills unconstitutionally without vote! Now, JVP holds a joint May Day rally with TNA! The links are slowly emerging as are questions wondering if the same foreign entities are funding all three.

Local industries are now receiving slow death & replaced with foreign investments, foreign labor & no-go zones for locals. Trade agreements are being signed without even looking into the catastrophic outcomes or national security aspects. Would a government decide to remove restrictions on foreign ownership of shipping agencies & freight forwarding agencies and compromise the nation’s security? Connect this to the removal of restrictions on foreigners owning land?  The PM accepting proposal by his financial advisor Paskarlingam has approved without a Cabinet paper or even a tender to Trimble Navigation paying them $154m to prepare land survey maps & create a database of state owned land with staff of Survey Department & resources under Trimble. A private US company is being given complete control of Sri Lanka’s land registry!

Bias of tender procedures has even seen Yahapalana taken to court : Ceylon Oxygen over awarding contract to Gas World to supply medical gases to 40 government hospitals. Contract changing prilled urea to granular urea is another faux pas bypassing transparent tender procedure. Senok Trade Combines even went to court against the Govt’s decision to award installation of power generation sets to an Indian company overrung the CEB’s recommendations. Another controversial decision was the e-passport project awarded without transparency to De La Rue Lanka.

The nations remain’s shocked at the biased & vengeful manner that the intelligence service personnel, police & military personnel are being hurled into prison without bail, Buddhist monks are also arrested & put into prison while two secretaries nabbed while taking a bribe and close associates of the PM & working for the President are escorted without handcuffs. The appeasing nature of the government has sharpened the tigers teeth in the manner that the tiger agents are demanding the removal of Sinhala speaking government officials, removal of Buddhist heritage sites from the North while the government has meekly approved the Jaffna university to erect a monument for a terrorist leader & his terrorist outfit. Jaffna university remains state owned and the public must demand why a terrorist leader should be commemorated with tax payers money! Is it then a surprise that the government happily co-sponsors a legally questionable and controversial UNHRC resolution virtually accepting a national army committed war crimes. Would any government betray their own troops such as this government has? But then the very party being accused of being the tigers political arm is now the Opposition & its head the Opposition Leader and supported by the JVP who is now being used as the front to introduce the remaining detrimental Bills that would seal Sri Lanka’s sovereignty into a slave nation.

What may lie ahead. 
By using Buddhist monks the regime change operators have succeeded in angering the non-Buddhists while also dividing the Buddhist vote base. The numerous other Buddhist monks increasingly coming to the limelight is aimed at disillusioning the Sinhala Buddhists while helping spew hatred against the majority among the minorities while justifying the government to bulldoze the anti-Buddhist programs already devised & being launched one by one.

Divide & rule is the policy adopted by any weak government frantic to grasp on to power at whatever cost & by whatever means. Help & funding by external parties cannot erase an increasingly unpopular government especially one that comes to power based on lies which are now catching up on them. The local government results have to be seen more as a protest vote that needs careful analysis.

How many have been able to grasp the connection of UNP to every racial riot that has transpired in Sri Lanka – 1977, 1983 & even the recent Kandy riots. The social media helped highlight Muslims openly voicing the UNP link. Understandably Muslims that championed to bring yahapalana to power are the biggest victims in terms of business.  It has meant the strategies have been fine tuned to divide the Muslim votes & away from accumulating towards the JO candidate. Probably the decision to field Sirisena is a manoevre in this direction using the Muslim MPs in the SLFP. Can the Muslim MPs in the UNP maintain the Muslim vote base is the next question? The strategies will definitely be to divide the Muslim votes while attempting to maintain the UNP Muslim vote base intact.
Local Government elections 2018
Presidential Elections 2015
General Elections 2015
How about the Tamil votes? ITAK secured 515,963 votes (4.6%) at the 2015 general elections. However, it secured only 339,675 votes (3%) at the local government elections. Did 176,288 Tamils not go to vote or did they not vote for ITAK? What of the JVP vote base at the General Elections in 2015 JVP secured 543,944 or 4.87% but at the local government elections JVP obtained 693,875 votes (6.2%) This base will certainly be used to generate the necessary numbers for a victory!

The next question is how much of the UPFA’s 989,821 (8.94%) votes & the SLFP’s 491,835 (4.44%) votes at the Local Government elections will remain with Sirisena & how would the yahapalana strategists plan to split these to ensure these votes do not get collected to the yahapalana opposition candidate. This is some 1.48million (13.3%) votes though President Sirisena as Common Candidate but contesting under SWAN symbol secured 6,217,162 (51.2%)! It clearly shows President Sirisena has virtually lost confidence of all those that voted for him. But he will be used as a spoiler candidate as are many others now being lined up for more spoiler roles. The strategists will try to divide the Opposition candidates votes & floating votes in order not to even place a second preference vote which will give the UNP leader the needed edge.

What will the yahapalana strategists apply to split the SLPP’s 4,941,952 (44.6%) votes gained at the local government election when at the 2015 Presidential elections the former President on his own secured 5,768,090 (47.58%)

In all probability the UNP may not go for a common candidate & instead take the risk of fielding their own leader keeping in mind that at the 2015 General Elections the United National Front (not the UNP) secured 5,098,916 of 45.66% of votes with the help of All Ceylon Makkal Congress, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, Muslim Tamil National Alliance, Democratic National Movement, Jathika Hela Urumaya, National Front for Good Governance, Tamil Progressive Alliance, National Union of Workers, Democratic People’s Front, Up Control People’s Front, United Left Front.

5,098,916 or 45.66% was with UNP contesting as an alliance. However, UNP that contested alone for the local government elections ended up with only 3,612,259 or 32.6% votes. Is this 3.6m/32.6% the UNP vote base if so how can UNP reach the magical 50% figure to become President or is the next best option to go for a second count and field others who will promote the UNP leader as their second choice?

This looks quite a possible scenario. You will note the many new entrants entering the scene many of whom are being subtly promoted as presidential hopefuls… some are making stunning speeches against the system, some are landing from nowhere claiming to eliminate all loans, others are wooing the Sinhala vote base through well funded programs that appeal to them – animal welfare, indigenous foods/agriculture/culture, development social services … social media is suddenly creating various groups, various programs, various interviews, all with an agenda and all collecting data. Many of those being promoted to cater to different mindsets – urban/rural/extremist/moderate, ethno-religious have connections with key ministers of the yahapalana government & are recipients of funding from overseas. Many of these key ministers have personal goals to become President of Sri Lanka themselves! Guess who these raja yoga aspirants are!

Dishing foreign accolades, titles & going overseas for training are now dead giveaways and the moment any MP or others have their photos splashed across the papers with their certificates people must immediately recall how the present PM & President were recipients before the regime change. The question everyone must ask & wonder is what are they instructed to do and resolve not to have anything to do with it.

By now if we all studied & analyzed the manner countries like Yugoslavia, South Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Haiti & now Syria have fallen it should immediately make all citizens to resolve to identify the external forces & the local traitors roped in to do the same in Sri Lanka some are playing role as extremists, some as moderates, some as civil society representatives… they are all subtly given a role to play to fool the masses.

We are an island nation with a high literacy let us not fall prey to these mechanizations and repent after turning Sri Lanka into a failed state & its people into slaves of foreigners owning every inch and corner of our land.

Identify & expose these local traitors?

Shenali D Waduge