12 July 2018

ACCC lawsuit  Ref: 

A lawsuit over TPG's advertising campaigns was filed against TPG Telecom by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in December 2010. The ACCC accused TPG of misleading its customers by advertising that its "unlimited" broadband package only cost $29.99 per month when the actual minimum monthly cost for the plan is $59.99. The ACCC also claimed in the lawsuit that TPG did not adequately disclose other costs associated with the setting up of the connection.[33] In response, TPG released a statement saying that it believes all costs were adequately noted in the advertisement and that it was "disappointed" with the ACCC's decision to bring the issue to court.[34] In November 2011, the Federal Court ruled against TPG and fined the company $2 million, however, the fine was reduced to $50,000 after TPG appealed to the full bench of the Federal Court. The ACCC later filed an appeal in the High Court, which was approved in August 2013.[35][36]